Anna Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu on 90 Day Fiancé
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90 Day Fiancé Season 7 Couples: Who’s Still Together

90 Day Fiancé Season 7 aired four years ago back in 2019, though a number of the cast members are still relevant to the current franchise. While some 90 Day Fiancé stars fade back into normal lives, others choose to extend their time in the TLC spotlight after their season. Likewise, some 90 Day Fiancé Season 7 couples are still together, while others have faced messy splits.

90 Day Fiancé Season 7 Success Rate


When 90 Day Fiancé Season 7 premiered in 2019, eight couples signed up to appear on the season. Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi were already known from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Angela and Michael have a very up-and-down relationship that continues into 2023. Meanwhile, three couples from their season most definitely broke up.

Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester, Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio, and Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva all have broken up over the years, with various degrees of messiness. At the same time the season has an over 50% success rate.

Four couples from 90 Day Fiancé Season 7 are still believed to be together in 2023. Alexandr “Sasha” Larin and Emily Larina didn’t have the easiest relationship, though seem to still be a married couple. Robert Springs and Anny Francisco experienced heartbreaking tragedy, but still remain together. Meanwhile, both Blake Abelard and Jasmin Lahtinen, as well as Anna Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu, surprised 90 Day Fiancé Season 7 viewers by staying together.

Tania Maduro & Syngin Colchester – Split

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Tania and Syngin are one 90 Day Fiancé Season 7 couple who did not stay together. In fact, they split publicly on 90 Day: The Single Life. Their break up was actually quite sad, as they both revealed that they loved each other but were not meant to be. However, Syngin was later accused of abuse from his next ex-girlfriend, while Tania backed the woman’s claims.

However, Syngin has not addressed these claims and is now in love with his new girlfriend, Shayna. While Syngin is considered a franchise villain, Tania has fared better. Tania is openly bisexual and is still looking for love.

Michael Jessen & Juliana Custodio – Split

Juliana Custodio/Instagram

Michael and Juliana were actually friends with their fellow 90 Day Fiancé Season 7 couple, Tania and Syngin. Like their friends, they also broke up. Their split was very ugly, as Juliana alleged that she was mistreated in her marriage, while Michael accused her of cheating with his ex wife’s new husband.

Juliana then moved to Germany and had her first child with her new partner, Ben Obscura. Michael appears to still be bitter over the break, though he has been seen on dating apps.

Mike Youngquist & Natalie Mordovtseva – Split

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Mike and Natalie are an infamous 90 Day Fiancé Season 7 pair, who have aired a long and exhaustive run in the franchise. The couple took their relationship to various spinoff shows before finally calling it quits.

Natalie and Mike are two very different people who should’ve never gotten married. Though they’re still legally married, Natalie moved to Florida to date other men on The Single Life. Meanwhile, Mike remains in Washington and has a new mystery girlfriend.

Angela Deem & Michael Ilesanmi – Still Together

Angela Deem/Instagram

Angela and Michael from Before the 90 Days brought more chaos to 90 Day Fiancé Season 7. They faced many issues, such as Angela’s extreme jealousy problems and her inability to carry their child due to her age.

Things reached a breaking point on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, which led to them approaching the subject of divorce. However, they quickly got back together. Angela and Michael are likely keeping their relationship status private, since they will probably be on a new spin-off show soon.

Alexandr “Sasha” Larin & Emily Larina – Still Together

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Sasha and Emily did not have a long run in the franchise after their first season. The American and Russian couple initially chose to stay in Russia, though they later move to the United States due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Russian man Sasha made controversial comments about the war, while he seem to be living apart from Emily for some time. However, the parents are still believed to be together.

Robert Springs & Anny Francisco – Still Together

Anny Francisco/Instagram

Robert and Anny experienced the most heartbreak out of the Season 7 cast, as they lost their young son. The loss was very hard on the parents, though it has not broken them apart.

One year later, Robert and Anny are still mourning, though they are building the best life they can. Many viewers have supported the parents, as they have dealt with their grieving process. Meanwhile, Robert and Anny are known for their humor on Pillow Talk.

Blake Abelard & Jasmin Lahtinen – Still Together

Jasmin Lahtinen/Instagram

Blake and Jasmin are the surprise success story from 90 Day Fiancé Season 7. When Finnish woman, Jasmin joined Blake in the United States, viewers were overwhelmingly suspicious that she was using him to simply live near her sister.

However, the couple surprisingly did not divorce and are still together. In fact, they seem to be very happy and have showed the genuine love on social media that few viewers were able to see on screen. Model Jasmine now looks significantly different due to her plastic surgery transformation.

Anna Campisi & Mursel Mistanoglu – Still Together

Anna Campisi/Instagram

Anna and Mursel are another surprising success story to have emerged from 90 Day Fiancé Season 7. The American and Turkish beekeepers appeared doomed, since they did not share a common language. However, they are now not only happily married, but proud parents to a little boy who they welcomed via surrogacy, Anna and Mursel faced a harrowing process, as they retrieved their son from his surrogate in Ukraine during the war. Thankfully, the family is now safe.

The happy parents are also successful business owners, as Anna sells homemade honey products, and Mursel has his own custom furniture business. This makes him a successful foreign 90 Day Fiancé franchise spouse who built a new life in the United States.