Bling Empire Star Kelly Mi Li Sues Producer Claiming That She Came Up With The Concept For The Show

As witnessed on the last season on Bling Empire, there was plenty of drama. The hot show on Netflix is now facing some off-screen drama. Star Kelly Mi Li is is saying that one of the show’s producers, Jeff Jenkins, took her concept for the show. She alleges that she never received credit for coming up with the premise. The show features the lives of wealthy Asian Americans living in Los Angeles.

As reported by People, Kelly filed her lawsuit against Jeff in Los Angeles Superior Court on April 28th. In the complaint, she said that she came up with the show’s concept and pitched it to Jeff in early 2018. The suit alleges that the two worked together for months to develop Bling Empire. Which led to “the successful sale of the” show. In addition, the suit stated that Jeff and his production company Jeff Jenkins Productions, and Bongo, LLC “took and exploited Plaintiff Li’s concept and materials, and entered into agreements creating obligations.” Kelly also says that she was to be named an executive producer on the show and be paid as such.

In court documents, Kelly stated that she is “entitled to” an episodic fee of 25 percent. In addition to 100 percent of Jeff’s executive producer fee for each episode she produced with him, and a 5 percent annual increase. She also alleges that she was to receive “contingent compensation in the amount of 20 percent of 100 percent of the Modified Adjusted Gross received and retained from Jenkins for the Project or from any derivative work.” The suit noted, “However, Defendants and each of them failed to honor the obligations and duties owed to Plainitiff and stand in breach.”

According to Kelly, she entered into an agreement with Jeff in May of 2018. It was supposed to be valid for one year, with the condition that it would be extended if Jeff began to negotiate with a buyer before the year was up. And that Jeff was talking to Netflix before his agreement with Kelly expired. The lawsuit states that the defendants “failed and refused to perform” the terms in their agreement. Kelly is asking for unspecified damages.

Season 2 is set to premiere on May 13th. The statement released by Netflix promised “even more luxury, glamor and crazy” than season 1. Netflix added, “But through it all, the one thing these friends hold dearest to their hearts is their love for each other … and of course, impeccable style.”

For her part, Kelly is still supporting the show and she is a part of the main cast on Season 2. She posted to her Instagram and TikTok, showing a video of her favorite memories from the show. She teased in her captions, “We’re finally coming back!!! Any guesses on what happens in Season 2 of Bling Empire?”


[Photo Credit: Netflix]