Bling Empire’s Christine Chiu Says Cherie Chan’s Exit From Season 2 Of The Show Was “Very Dramatic”

The wait is over! Season 2 of Bling Empire is coming back to Netflix May 13th and I can’t wait. I really enjoyed the glitz and drama they brought in their first season. It was a welcomed break from Housewives, giving a more stylized vibe. And true wealth. The cast is filthy rich and not afraid to show it.

But like any other reality show, there is plenty of drama to go around before the season has even started. As reported by E! News, Queen B Christine Chiu revealed that castmate Cherie Chan left in shocking manner. Christine teased, “I think viewers will be surprised.” She continued, “I’m disappointed. She didn’t stay long enough to kind of complete her story. I think it was it was a big shocker to all of us and I think it’ll be a big shocker to the world.”

For most fans who have been following along in the off season, they might be surprised Cherie even came back. During season 1, Cherie had a new baby with longtime partner, Jessey Lee. In the finale, she proposed to him ing front of family and friends. Since then, they had a secret wedding in France. But the two didn’t seem like they would be on board with a second season at all. Jessey said in February of 2021,“We just thought it was time for us to move on and focus on our family, our businesses.”

Clearly, they did but maybe shouldn’t have. While Christine didn’t elaborate on exactly what happened, the trailer gave us a glimpse. In the trailer, cast member Kelly Mi Li dropped the shocking allegation that Jessey “has another family.” The claim shows the rest of the cast gasping at the rumor.

Cherie and Jessey have kept mum about why they left the show. But they continue to present a united front on social media. Cherie recently posted pic of the couple on her Instagram. She captioned it, “Together 24/7 #alwaysandforever #hatersgonnahate #chanelheartbag #chanel #gifttomyself #love.” She’s obviously sending a message with that one. And if you had any doubts about the message, Jessey commented, “Our [heart emoji] or each other will never be tested.” He added, “What a bunch of [clown emoji].”

As for Christine’s time on season 2, she was spotted back in February in France. She attended Paris Fashion Week and then had a camera crew following her and castmate Kevin Kreider while she shopped for a French castle. The kicker? Her reported budget is a whopping $11 million.

So Christine is used to dropping large amounts of cash in front of cameras. Which would make her a perfect fit for another famous franchise. About 7 years ago, Christine was rumored to be joining Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And despite being friends with Kathy Hilton, Christine admitted she wouldn’t cut out for the show. She stated, “It’s not my cup of tea. I love watching them and I love hanging out with them. I would not want to be in a fistfight in the midst of all of those women, they do look great though. They fight pretty.”

What an interesting backhanded compliment. Either way, it looks like Christine has settled in nicely on Bling Empire. And will undoubtedly give us a fabulous season 2.


[Photo Credit: Netflix]