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Here’s The Reality TV Shows I’m Watching This Week

For the second week in a row, my Wednesday nights are booked solid with my favorite watches for the week. From Real Housewives to The Challenge, the night has so much promise. Especially given that Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has started off with a bang, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is airing part one of their reunion, and The Challenge is premiering its newest season. Additionally, both Real Housewives of Potomac and Bling Empire have returned. Get your popcorn ready, guys!

Wednesday – Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

RHOBH sure has had a lot of leaks this season. So much so that it felt like we the viewers were always one step ahead of what was happening on the show. But nothing has dominated this season more than the cast’s social media antics. Since the finale, the cast has been going at it nonstop on Instagram and Twitter. Lisa Rinna even made use of her TikTok, which surprisingly has almost half a million followers. But I think my head nearly exploded when fan account Queens of Bravo posted a clip from the reunion in which Kathy Hilton completely destroys Rinna. As they say, “if you come at the [Queen], you better not miss.”

Watch on Bravo at 8 PM ET. The episode is also available to stream on Peacock the next day.

Wednesday – Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City

Something peculiar has happened on this season of RHOSLC. The cast has completely rallied around the legally embroiled Jen Shah. Now maybe that wouldn’t seem so surprising if they didn’t spend the last two seasons hating her. Meredith Marks in particular. But Lisa Barlow’s tirade about Meredith has pushed her straight into the arms of the enemy. And everyone else seems to be following suit. Whitney Rose is on a personal journey of wellness and healing but after last week’s episode, it looks like that will drive a wedge between her and sister-cousin Heather Gay. The question is: how long will it take for them to turn on each other.

Watch on Bravo at 9 PM ET. The episode is also available to stream on Peacock the next day.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies

In the 38th season of the classic reality competition, The Challenge has brought back teams. Or, ride or dies, if you will. Some of our favorites have teamed up to try and crush the competition for their share of $1 million. OG’s Darrell Taylor and Veronica PortilloAneesa Ferreira and Jordan Wiseley, along with Tori Deal and Devin Walker are all back and teamed up. Unfortunately for Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio haters (such as myself), he’s also back and has a partner in veteran Nany Gonzalez. Why Nany insists on defending him is beyond me. But given how many Challenge finals have slipped through her fingers, maybe she is hoping the seven-time champ will finally get her that elusive win.

Watch on MTV at 8 PM ET.

Sunday – Real Housewives Of Potomac

I can’t even contain myself. RHOP is one of my favorite housewives franchises. And for good reason. The cast is a solid one and they always bring a high level of drama. One of my favorite things about RHOP is that it never feels contrived either. Their reads are solid, the producers are shady AF and we are going to get a newly SINGLE Ashley Darby. As we all know, Ashley and worst husband ever Michael Darby have separated, which played out during filming. But Ashley isn’t the only one with relationship issues. Candiace Dillard is facing accusations from the women about husband Chris Bassett crossing the line with them. As Bravo teased in the season trailer’s synopsis, “This season, no relationship is safe from the Potomac rumor mill.”

Watch on Bravo at 8 PM ET. The episode is also available to stream on Peacock the next day.

Streaming – Bling Empire

I cannot wait to dive into season 3 of the Netflix hit, Bling Empire. While I did find season 2 to be a little anticlimactic, I think the cast was taking notes and upped the ante this time around. Anna Shay and Christine Chiu are still feuding. Unlike Real Housewives, Bling Empire doesn’t bother to play nice and make alliances. Christine even went as far as to try and speak with HR at Netflix after hearing that Anna wanted to take her down last season. We are also treated to a surprise newcomer in the form of Vietnamese model Devin Diep. Based on the trailer, Devin might be the ex of playboy cast member Kevin Kreider. But we just have to tune in to find out.

All 10 episodes are streaming now on Netflix.

[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images]