Lisa Rinna Leaks Texts And Phone Number From Man Threatening To “Expose” Her “Rumors And Lies”

The Kathy Hilton take down of Lisa Rinna over social media has new steam! nd Kathy hasn’t even shown her face on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills yet! 

Last week when a fan commented on Kathy’s social media saying, “I don’t believe anything that’s @lisarinna releases to the media. #fake team @kathyhilton,” Kathy replied, saying, “Thank you,” along with the smiling face with hearts emoji. Yikes!

Kathy also made a cryptic post that referred to a narcissist in recent days. Several fans assumed she was pointing her attention toward Lisa. And speaking of the inflatable dancing tube woman, she’s also lost her sh*t on social media recently.

Over the weekend, Lisa posted a screenshot of a text message she received from a number she neglected to blur. She essentially doxxed a no-name. The screenshot showed the mystery figure saying “Lisa, you need to stop with your rumors and lies about me. There’s plenty I can expose about you…” I beg that you do!

A man claiming the phone number reposted Lisa’s story and captioned it “@lisarinna Umm thank you for putting my number online?” He then posted a story that said, “@lisarinna I suggest you take your post down before I sue you or leak your number since you think it’s acceptable to leak mine.”

The man also shared a screenshot of all the text messages he had been receiving since his private information was publicly shared. Some people were asking what was up with Lisa. Another asked if it was Kathy. Oop!

Then, the man posted a story exposing his identity a bit further. He explained “Mind you…this is because Production has started on a series called “Real Husbands of Sunset” and the series is set to compete with the real housewives and feature an all-male cast… (me being a member). We met Lisa just to get some pointers for our first season and drama started beginning.” Well, then I guess she’s done her job?

He also dragged Lisa in a grid post writing, “Why are you starting drama with someone that is half your age you overfilled ancient dinosaur.” He also shared Lisa’s number with the world!

Lisa took a note from her playbook and played the victim in all of this. She posted yet another Instagram story saying, “What a bonus getting to talk to so many nice people today since that guy posted my number thanks so much!!! Love you guys so much!!!” I need her back on daytime TV with this boomer mom-grade shade.

The new guy cleared Lisa, thankfully. He reshared her post and said, “@lisatinna Not you leaking my number first and then trying to change the narrative you hunchback.” WE STAN. He added, “Everyone knows you’re lying.”

The final dress down  reads, “You need to go worry about YOUR husband and YOUR finances and who he’s spending his time with because his wife is too busy running her overfilled mouth. Beverly Hills talks…and we all know”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]