Real Housewives Alum Kelly Dodd Says She Quit Twitter

Kelly Dodd has built her whole persona on being a troll. After she was kicked off Real Housewives of Orange County, she really amped up her online presence. Not only did she troll people, but she started to spread rumors about other housewives and just be all around offensive. More so than she previously was, because now she had nothing to lose. Unless you count the podcast she hosts with her husband, which I don’t.

So despite having free rein on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, Kelly is still not happy. As reported by Reality Blurb, Kelly announced that she is quitting Twitter. After posting an insensitive take on the recent Uvalde school shooting, Kelly rightfully took a lot of heat. And I guess she can dish it out but can’t take it. So she went to Instagram to post a picture of the now removed or deleted tweet.

In Kelly’s post, she featured a screen shot from Twitter, with the standard message they issue when a tweet or account is deleted. Or taken down. It reads, “Something went wrong. Try again.” But Kelly is telling her IG followers not to bother trying again. She wrote in her caption, “Saying goodbye to my 211,000 Twitter followers… this is for you, trolls. It’s like having a toxic boyfriend. You like getting off but it’s not worth it in the end.” Kelly added, “There’s too much hate & too many fake accounts on this platform. It’s where the cancel culture was born & I’m done. Maybe if @elonmusk.ab takes over I’ll be back but until then you can find me on here on @instagram.” She included a bunch of hashtags like “bots,” “losers,” and “woke.”

But I’m not totally convinced she left on her own. You can get your Twitter account suspended for breaking their community guidelines. Turns out, I am sort of right. Earlier in the day, Kelly revealed that Twitter removed her blue check mark, which verifies accounts for celebrities or well-known users. Removing the verification is a tool Twitter uses when someone breaks too many guidelines. Kelly then invoked billionaire Elon Musk, who has been running a publicity stunt trying to buy Twitter. He has openly stated that he would clear the platform of bots, fake accounts, and basically gut the community guidelines on speech.

Kelly griped in another post, “I can see why @elonmusk is hesitating to buy @verified when Twitter is full of millions of bots & spam accounts & I’m an actual person w/ 211k followers & they still won’t give me my check mark back. This platform is BS.” She continued in the comments, “I hope Elon Musk doesn’t buy BS Twitter!!! Who would buy stock in that fake evil platform?” This post has since been deleted. Hopefully by Kelly herself once she realized how silly she sounds complaining about her checkmark.

Either way, this isn’t the first time Kelly has “left” the platform. Back in June of last year, her Twitter account disappeared. It reappeared again, leading fans to speculate that she was suspended by the platform. Or maybe she just got mad and deleted it but couldn’t stay away. Call me a troll or a bot all you want but I’m hoping this time, Kelly’s Twitter is gone for good.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]