Gina Kirschenheiter Accused Of Pushing Boyfriend Travis Mullen Down The Stairs

Gina Kirschenheiter just completed her fourth season on Real Housewives of Orange County. When she joined, she was a married mother with three small kids. But by the end of the season, she split from husband Matt Kirschenheiter. Shortly thereafter, news that Matt was arrested on felony domestic violence charges  against Gina surfaced. It was a dark time for Gina and her family, but they came out stronger.

As we witnessed last season, Gina and Matt are now friendly and killing it in the coparenting game. She even credited boyfriend Travis Mullen for getting them to a good place. So it comes as a shock that Radar Online is reporting that Gina allegedly pushed Travis  down the stairs. The couple has been together since 2019 and live together with their kids in Gina’s home.

The allegation stems from Travis’ estranged wife and the mother of his children, Meghan Mullen. Travis recently filed an emergency investigation against Meghan saying that she was keeping his kids from him. In response, Meghan made the disturbing claim. She alleges that their oldest child witnessed a domestic dispute between Gina and Travis. A source close to Gina said the allegations are false and without merit.

According to Meghan, she is not opposed to Travis’ request. But she wrote that she believes an emergency investigation “is warranted based on the concerns I have for the health, safety, and welfare of Petitioner and l’s three children.” She added that an investigation “is needed as our children may be living in a home where they are witnessing domestic violence.”

Documents state, “according to our children, around April there was a physical altercation between Travis and his girlfriend Gina.” Meghan said that their daughter “partially witnessed” the alleged incident of abuse. Documents state that Travis was allegedly yelling at Gina about her drinking.

At that point, the legal documents said that their daughter “witnessed Gina push Travis down the stairs, banging head on the wall, an [sic] throwing hairs and pictures off the wall.” Meghan also claimed the other kids “heard the argument and banging through the room they were all huddled in.” She also noted that the children told her about the event. She said, “I told them that they can call the police or me if something happens like this.” Meghan said she attempted to contact Travis about it but “he didn’t respond to me.”

Meghan continued that she is “concerned about the environment” the children are in when they are in Gina’s home. She stated that they are in “constant fear” and “walking on eggshells” while visiting Travis there. Meghan is also “concerned they are not being properly supervised.” She stated that “the kids shared that often Travis will lock himself in his room with Gina and they are left alone to entertain themselves on an iPad.”

Travis claims that Meghan has “unilaterally withheld” their three kids from him. But Meghan asserts that they are scared to go. She said the kids are “refusing to go to visits with their father and become hysterical.” In addition, she bought the kids cell phones to call her if needed. But “phones are not allowed at Travis’s house.” Meghan insists, “All three children have expressed to me that they are not allowed to call me during his visits.”


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Citing Gina’s previous DUI, Meghan also included that she’s “concerned about Gina’s behavior and drinking.” She continued, “The kids tell me that sometimes when they wake up in the morning, she will be asleep with an empty bottle of wine and glass next to her.”

Radar Online also previously details the news that Travis filed a police report against Meghan in June. He claimed that she has been keeping him from his kids since May 8th. Travis argued that this is in violation of their custody agreement. Travis has also alleged that Meghan physically assaulted him back in October of last year. Meghan denied this in her filing and stated, “I did not assault him.” She also wrote that his claim that she is keeping the kids from him is “absolutely false.”

Travis and Meghan will face each other in court later this month. So far, Gina has not commented on the allegations.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]