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Kelly Dodd has been a very busy Housewife on this season of the Real Housewives of Orange County. When Kelly is not slamming Vicki Gunvalson’s  very existence, gonging Shannon Beador or dating a plastic surgeon, she has been fending off ugly rumors about herself. Rumors like supposedly being banned from her daughter’s school and participating in a Midnight Sex Train to Georgia.

Most recently, there have been whispers about Kelly allegedly pushing her mother down the stairs, which she emphatically denies. Of course, Tamra Judge claims she was just whispering the information to anyone who would listen to “support” Kelly.  We all know spreading unsubstantiated gossip is the best way to show our concern for our friends! Kelly has been estranged from her mother for two years and recently offered some additional details about her family drama and the alleged stairs incident.

Kelly revealed on a recent Real Housewives of Orange County Aftershow that her family fallout stems from a misunderstanding that occurred when her mother Bobbi and brother Eric were still living with her. Kelly invited a childhood friend of hers to stay in her mother’s room and everything went wrong from there.

“My best girlfriend—she’s grown up with me; she’s like my sister—she brings another guy in who’s gay,” Kelly stated. “[My brother] Eric calls my mom and says, ‘They’re staying in your room.’ She goes, ‘Why are they staying in my room?’ I’m like, ‘What’s the big deal? You know her your whole life; she’s like my sister.”’

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It is not clear why this was an issue for Kelly’s mother, but she added, “My mom’s not paid one bill, ever. I bought our other house in Arizona; I bought it.” OK, I officially want to be Kelly’s mother! Minus the Kelly drama, of course. And a generous parental allowance and a Mercedes convertible lease would be nice, too.

According to Kelly, more was going down in the family which led to their falling out. She revealed, “My mother was telling sensitive information to my brother and then causing problems… so I felt a little bit ganged up on.”

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Kelly continued, “I think the demise of our relationship was I spoil her; I feel like I do so much for her, but they weren’t reciprocating.”

Many of us can probably identify with that. Relationships that feel like a one-way street can be draining. We don’t have Bobbi and Eric’s side, of course, but family issues are often based on miscommunication and hurt feelings. Maybe Kelly’s mother and brother should just be thankful she didn’t have them on a 24/7 Twitter blast, ala Vicki.

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And what of the alleged stairs incident? Kelly explained, “She wanted to be mad at me, she wanted to yell at me, she wanted to be in control. So I had it. And there [were] no stairs. I pushed her out the door; there [were] no stairs. It was just flat; it was just out the door.”

I am not sure pushing your elderly and rather frail-looking mother out the door is morally superior to stair pushing, but this is Kelly we are talking about. On last week’s  RHOC, Kelly’s mother told her that everything was fine between the two of them. And that if Tamra didn’t shut up about the stairs rumor, Bobbi might sue her for defamation of character. At least Tamra already has legal experience in defamation of character courtesy Jim Bellino if needed!

Kelly actually thanked Tamra last week for helping reunite her with her mother, saying it was a “silver lining of her evil ways.” I am sure all of it was a well-orchestrated plot by Tamra to reunite Kelly with her family. Tamra Judge, neighborhood gossip, bodybuilder and unlicensed family reunification counselor!

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