Venita Aspen

Venita Aspen Clarifies Remark About Influencers Making 7 Figures A Month

Southern Charm newbie Venita Aspen was given a full cast position after appearing as a friend on Season 7. Though friends with Naomie Olindo, Madison LeCroy, and Leva Bonaparte, Venita is still navigating her path with drama belle Kathryn Dennis.  And that’s not an easy feat.

Venita is also learning the manner in which reality TV presents half-truths and statements made out of context. In a recent episode, the model described her employment and the manner in which she makes money. What viewers heard Venita say was that working as an Instagram influencer earned her seven figures a month with “the right deals.” But the Bravolebrity claimed that her statement needed clarifying.

Page Six published Venita’s explanation on the matter in a recent article. “They took that out of context. That is kicking me in my ass right now,” she said. “I could make seven figures a year on Instagram, which is still pretty wild.”

Despite that clarification, Venita revealed that revenues from being an influencer are still highly favorable. And the potential to expand is always there.  She explained, “It’s wild how much money you can make as an influencer. I don’t think people understand the hard work that goes into the backend of being an influencer.”

Viewers were quick to question Venita’s claims.  One tweeted, “Shewww I knew venita was a pretty big influencer but 7figures [sic] in a month. I’m in the wrong line of work #SouthernCharm.”

A second post read, “I like Venita but she doesn’t even have 100k followers on Instagram and says she makes all this money as an influencer it doesn’t add up to me #SouthernCharm.”

Still, many of Venita’s 85,000 followers “came out of the woodwork” to the star’s defense. And perhaps her exposure on Southern Charm will get her the numbers she needs to hit that seven figure mark.

Venita is certainly excited to venture into reality TV. It’s been the next step in a career that progressed from posting modeling pics on Instagram into influencing.

She said, “It’s been pretty wild. I’ve had a lot more people come out of the woodwork being like, ‘I’ve been following you for the last seven years, and it’s so cool to see your growth and now see that you’re on TV,’ and, like, kind of really setting the standard for a lot of people, which is wild.”Leva

Finally, Venita shared some advice for those aspiring to achieve influencer status. “Stay consistent,” she told Page Six.  “Pick brands that you actually like to use, and make sure you’re using them daily, posting about it, talking about it and making it as authentic as you can.”


[Photo Credit: Stephanie Diani/Bravo]