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Sheree Whitfield Has A New Man After Breakup With Tyrone Gilliams

After some serious heartache, Sheree Whitfield is getting her groove back. The returning Real Housewives of Atlanta star seems to have a new love interest. And I’m just going to say it – he’s way finer than ex-boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams.

As reported by Page Six, Sheree is revealing that her new man is Love & Marriage: Huntsville star Martell Holt. Sheree recently told TMZ that she met Martell “through a mutual friend.” And she’s even introduced him to friends and “several people” in her family. Sheree added, “We’ve been just hanging out. I’m enjoying life right now.”

While she didn’t clarify how long they have been together, reports have suggested they’ve been together for more than two months. The couple was also recently seen taking selfies together at the beach.

Sheree’s most recent relationship played out on RHOA, ultimately to her embarrassment. Tyrone first appeared a few seasons ago via collect call, due to his stay in prison. After 8 years in the slammer for fraud, he was supposed to reunite with Sheree in Philadelphia. She left the cast trip in New York City to meet him, but was stood up by her now-ex.

In the aftermath, Sheree said, “Tyrone left me in a city that I’m unfamiliar with — not a text, not a call. I don’t want to talk to him right now. It’s f–king humiliating.” But after so many years waiting on him, Sheree told her daughter at the time that she didn’t know if she could “give up on” her relationship. She explained in a confessional, “I think when you love someone, you don’t stop loving them overnight even when sometimes they hurt you, they do bad things. It’s not that easy to just move on.”

But Sheree pulled herself up and realized her worth, telling her friend on the show how “f–king stupid” she felt for spending years with Tyrone. She also revealed to Andy Cohen that she hasn’t spoken with Tyrone in “a couple of months.” She added that she has “not heard from him” since the Philly episode aired.

As for her new man, Martell is the father of 5 and co-owns Holt Custom Homes. He has been on Love & Marriage: Huntsville since the show’s premiere in 2018. And unfortunately, after a very small amount of digging on his background, he doesn’t exactly have the best reputation.

While married to the mother of 4 of his kids, he had a long-term affair with another woman. The mistress, Arionne Curry, has confirmed she is no longer dating Martell but she posted pics of them together at a concert on her social media back in June. If we all do the very simple math, he was reportedly already dating Sheree at that time.

I hated seeing Sheree heartbroken by Tyrone. Here’s hoping that Martell is the man she deserves but I’m not so sure.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]