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Alex Rose Shares The Real Reason The Cast Of Selling The OC Didn’t Like Her

Netflix’s newest reality series — Selling The OC — has had fans talking all week long. The cast brought looks, wealth, and the drama. And with that, one of the show’s biggest storylines revolved around the conflict between Alexandra Rose and Alexandra Jarvis vs literally everyone else.

Based on the way the show aired, fans weren’t really sure what Jarvis and Rose did to the rest of the group, especially Alex Hall, for them to dislike the pair so much. Hall said recently that there was more going on behind the scenes that caused the cast to not mesh well with them, but she didn’t actually state what it was. Well, Rose is revealing to Page Six what really went down and now it’s all starting to make sense.

Rose said that she and Jarvis were not originally cast to be on the show. When the news broke, the rest of the agents in the office started to act “superior”. “Everybody’s, like, energy just kind of turned, and no one talked to us,” she said. “Everyone thought that they were, like, superior, over us, and Alex Hall, Polly [Brindle], they were like bullies. They were mean and nasty and shunned us like we were, like, chopped liver.”

As far as not being originally cast on the show, Hall did confirm this in one of her interviews and explains this is why she asked the duo during a heated scene, “Why are you even here?”. From the looks of it, Jarvis and Rose were never really given a fair chance. In almost every group scene they were not in, the other cast members were talking about them. And when they were involved, it ended in a gang-up.

During the last episode of the season, Hall said, “You guys are just going around and, like, rubbing your stink on everything in the office. You’re the, like, bullies.” How ironic, Alex Hall. You would intentionally seek the pair out just to stir up trouble whenever you could. If you ask me, it doesn’t sound like they were the ones doing the bullying… you were.

Rose also revealed that the reason she may not have come across as friendly to her co-stars is that she felt “uncomfortable being around them”. “All they did was yell and talk loud and be obnoxious and, like, I’m just not like that. So, when I was in a room with them, it was very awkward for me, and I felt very socially awkward because they were just kind of suck the energy out of my soul in a sense,” she said.

Another cast member of the show, Tyler Stanaland, who faded into the background for much of the season also decided to take part in the bullying of Rose and Jarvis toward the end of the show’s run. He too called Rose a bully, however, he must have had a change of heart. Rose shared that before the premiere of season 1, Tyler and Kayla Cardona apologized to her — for what, I’m unsure. But if I had to guess, I would assume it’s because they knew exactly how the story would be told and they would not be portrayed in the best light.

Tyler and Kayla, even Hall, you can’t back-pedal now. The show’s out and our minds are made up. Bring on season 2. And Rose and Jarvis — the viewers got you.


[Photo Credit: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Netflix]