Quad Webb

Quad Webb Says Dr. Heavenly Kimes Will Have To Defend Her Trash Talking At The Married To Medicine Reunion

It’s been quite the season for Dr. Heavenly Kimes on Married To Medicine. It seems like for the past several years, Heavenly has been left off pretty easy by the rest of the group after hitting below the belt several times. But this year — the doctors and doctor’s wives are taking a different turn.

During the beginning of this season, Dr. Contesaa Metcalfe hosted an “intervention” for Heavenly at her home. There, she played a video compilation for Heavenly and the rest of the group that featured her saying some pretty horrible things about her group of “friends.”

As the relationship expert in the circle, she seems to think she has a place to comment on everyone’s marriages, their finances, and everything in between. Because of that, she’s going to have to face the music at the upcoming M2M reunion. Oh, and Quad Webb is ready for her.

Captured on Instagram by The Peach Report Daily a fan commented on Quad being such a good friend to Heavenly considering she doesn’t extend the same courtesy to her. This viewer isn’t the only one that shares that concern. We’ve all watched as Heavenly quite literally dogged Quad out… not only on YouTube but on national television as well.

Is that what a friend does Heavenly? If so remind me to stay far away from those types of friends in the future. Quad responded to the user’s comment adding, “Heavenly will have to back up all the negative ish she’s ever spoke on my name at the reunion. Period! Let’s see if she’s going to have that YouTube energy on September 15th.”

Whew — this sounds like a straight call-out. And I’m here for it. Although I do love the show, Heavenly does seem to get away with a lot. Her double standards are really out of this world and she absolutely cannot handle she’s being dished back to the same level of shade.

We know by now that you can’t speak ill on her husband’s name or else she’s coming for you… hard, too. But, she does it all the time. Will she own her mess this time and move forward with the group? Or is she standing firm on her actions? I’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out.


[Photo Credit: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images]