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Love Is Blind Alum Mark Cuevas Is Married

The first season of Love Is Blind was a big success for Netflix. So much so that they already released season 2, filmed season 3 and announced plans for a season 4 and 5. But it all started with a bunch of singles who had to get engaged before they even set eyes on each other. And one memorable pair was Mark Cuevas and Jessica Batten.

Mark and Jessica got engaged on the show after Jessica failed to win over first choice Matt Barnett. And Jessica let everyone know that she was having second thoughts about everything. But she still shocked Mark at the altar when she said “I don’t” and was dragged by fans. But the two have moved on (the show was filmed in 2018 after all) and now Mark has officially sealed the deal!

As reported by Us Weekly, Mark married Aubrey Rainey in Ohio on September 4th in front of 150 guests. Sons Ace and Axton served as ring bearers. Aubrey laughed, “They have a little, I say remote-control car, but it’s like a big car that they sit in that a person can drive for them [because] they’re not old enough to navigate that yet, but they will go down the aisle as the little ring bearers. They have matching suits … to Dad’s.”

Once they were married, the newlyweds shared their first dance with their kids and named cocktails after them too. Said Aubrey,“I wanted them to be a part of it. So, I’m happy that it worked out the way it did. So yeah. It was fun [and] I liked [having a] long engagement.” The couple got engaged in 2020.

When it came to the details, Mark and Aubrey both made sure to honor their family members who passed. A memorial table was set up for Aubrey’s late father and both of their maternal grandmothers. The rest of the decor didn’t have a theme, but Aubrey admitted that she was “specific.” She explained, “I like neutral colors, so our colors are gonna be champagne, black and white. [It’s] very classic modern.”

Mark talked about the moment Aubrey walked down the aisle. He said to her uncle, who officiated the event, “Man, just keep it together, [because] when we get up there, I don’t want all three of us to start bawling our eyes out.” He continued, “With everything that’s happened in our lives the past few years and how we’ve persevered and just stuck together and just seeing her walk down the aisle. I get chills now, but like it’s gonna be, I can’t put into words how it’s gonna be when I actually see her.”

Matt, who is still married to his Love Is Blind partner Amber Pike, served as a groomsman. Said Mark, “Him and Amber, we’ve stayed tight [and] they come to visit us all the time here in Ohio. He’s just been a really good [pal], like, even from when we did that whole experience, like, he’s been like one of my best friends, so we’ve stayed in touch and I’m excited to have him [be] a part of the big day.”

The pair announced their engagement on Instagram, with him writing, “Forever sounds good baby.” Aubrey posted the same pics and gushed, “I never figured out the true meaning of happiness until you. I couldn’t feel more grateful and excited to spend the rest of forever with you!” Son Ace came in April of 2021 and Axton shortly thereafter in February of 2022.

Mark concluded of his Love Is Blind castmates, “I wish anybody on the show the best of luck. I wish them nothing but the best. We have a happy family, so that’s what I wish for everyone.”


[Photo Credit: Netflix]