Meredith Marks

Meredith Marks Explains Why She Could Never Fully Trust Lisa Barlow

When Lisa Barlow got caught on a hot mic raging about her long-time friend and Real Housewives of Salt Lake City co-star Meredith Marks, it was one of the most dramatic moments in Real Housewives history. And I say this because it was really the spontaneous vitriol she spewed about her friend. Clearly, things had been building up between the two and in that moment, it all came out.

Given what Lisa said about Meredith, it’s no surprise that Meredith isn’t in the forgiving mood. She recently spoke with Page Six about their relationship. Said Meredith of their past, “There were red flags. There were reasons I was concerned about confiding in her. Some of which I think you see, and some of which you don’t.” She added that “hearing the way [Lisa] spoke about others” gave her pause.

After Lisa went off, calling Meredith a “whore” who “f–ked half of New York and had “10 motherf–king boyfriends,”Meredith knew it was time to end the friendship. “I still don’t really — from that moment, seeing that played back — understand what could’ve happened that would justify that kind of behavior to spew hate and lies about me?” Meredith recalled.

She also doesn’t want fans to keep calling it a “hot mic rant.” Meredith stated, “Let’s clarify that it was not a hot mic. We saw her remove her microphone. So I don’t know why everyone keeps going there with it. I would also call it a childish tantrum rather than a rant.”

Despite Lisa offering Meredith an apology at the reunion, Meredith doesn’t sound convinced. “Accepting an apology is very easy. If you are given a genuine apology without explanations and strings attached to it, what are you going to do? You have no choice but to accept and forgive,” she noted.

Meredith explained, “The question always is, ‘How do you move forward from there?’ If you don’t have an understanding of why someone behaves the way they do that’s hurtful to you, you can’t have any assurance that it’s not going to happen again. And it makes it very, very complex and difficult to move forward in any capacity beyond just a total surface-level relationship.”

For her part, Lisa has said that she’s “not proud” of the moment. And Meredith might take full advantage of that in the upcoming season of RHOSLC. Lisa ends up bonding with Whitney Rose and Meredith make amends with former nemesis Jen Shah.

But the premiere teases rumors of Lisa’s business and marriage. Rumors that Meredith won’t be repeating. Meredith shared, “I said there are rumors. I don’t know if they’re true or false. Maybe there’s a deeper problem.” She added, “That was me trying to explore if there was some reason that Lisa treated me the way she did, so that I could understand it and move forward. I said I don’t know if they’re true or false and … that’s not the point.”

Meredith concluded diplomatically, “I’m trying to understand, is there something bigger going on here? And yeah, there are rumors out there. It’s not that big of a deal. A rumor’s a rumor.”


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]