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Meredith Marks Reacts To Lisa Barlow’s Claim She “Slept With Half Of New York”

All hail the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. The new girls on the block are DELIVERING like no other, as proven by the explosive season we’re watching unfold at the moment. Jen Shah’s arrest is providing plenty of fodder, but the ladies aren’t all totally relying on it for a storyline. No, we’ve been watching Mary Cosby’s complete detachment from the group that led to her not even showing up to film the reunion. More recently, Jennie Nguyen lost her spot as a central snowflake after racist Facebook posts left her co-stars kicking her to the curb. And in the most recent episode, we watched the total demise of the decades-long friendship between Lisa Barlow and Meredith Marks.

If RHOSLC is the king of Bravo, Lisa Barlow may be its reigning queen. Lisa is a legend in every sense. She stirs the pot and moves the story along with her drama, but somehow remains so likable the entire time. Just look at her relationship with Jen — one minute, they’re about to physically fight. But the next, they’re being buddy-buddy in a hot tub like nothing happened. But everyone’s been talking about the end of the latest episode, where Lisa exploded some vicious “truths” about her longtime friend Miss Marks. Namely, she called her a “whore” who slept with “half of New York” before throwing her mic back at producers.

Of course, Bravo had to put Meredith on Watch What Happens Live immediately after the episode aired to get her response. Andy Cohen broke down Lisa’s statement, first asking Meredith where Lisa would have gotten the idea about sleeping with people in New York. “Maybe it’s projecting, I don’t know,” Meredith said. The shadeeeee. We did learn some interesting tidbits about John Barlow’s dating history this season, so maybe Meredith is onto something, who knows. Clearly, Lisa was referring to SOMETHING when she exploded in Zion, so who knows.


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Meredith added that she and Seth Marks have been “very honest” about their relationship strugglings, including the time they took a break and saw other people. “We have not dated a lot of other people,” she clarified. “I could not have 10 boyfriends because I’ve never slept with 10 people in my life.” This explanation only makes it sound like Meredith really is going to quit the show. She’s probably ready to disengage permanently after all of these accusations.

Andy also asked Meredith about Lisa’s comment where she said that the Marks’ family “poses.” Meredith also attributed that to projecting. Does she know something we don’t? Did she hire another private investigator? I need all the tea. “She’s the one posting a lot of posed photos on Instagram,” she added. Maybe Lisa issued her apology over the hot mic moment too soon before Meredith had her chance to speak. Saying that there’s been a “change in dynamic” between Lisa and Meredith is pretty much the understatement of the year. It’s almost as outrageous as Jen Shah thinking she’s going to get a presidential pardon.


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