Monte Taylor Reacts To Taylor Hale’s Big Brother 24 Win

If you’ve been keeping up with this season of Big Brother, then you know the recent finale was something sweet. Three months or 88 days cut off from the outside world, the houseguests of BB24 finally cast their final vote for the winner of this very intense season. By a vote of 8-1, Taylor Hale became the first Black woman to win the show’s mainline version since its inception back in 2000.

Fans may remember hearing about Taylor’s tough journey inside of the house. First, she dealt with undeserved hate from Paloma Aguilar who ended up self-evicting. This moment was actually extremely satisfying knowing that she led the hate train against Taylor for no reason other than her being a “pageant girl”. After that, she sat on the block 5 other times where houseguests like Daniel Durston disrespected her beyond belief and still couldn’t take her out. In fact, Daniel said to Taylor, “Don’t talk to me until finale night” — and well, his wish came true. He didn’t have to see or hear from her until the night she made history. Pretty iconic energy if you ask me.

Throughout the finale episode of BB24, Taylor’s fate was in the hands of Monte Taylor who won the final part of the HOH competition. He took his shot at Matt Turner which left him and Taylor as the final two houseguests. It seemed that Monte thought because of the house’s treatment of Taylor he had the win in the bag. But he’s speaking out now and sharing exactly how he feels regarding his loss. When asked by Entertainment Weekly how he feels about his decision to cut Turner he said, “… If I were to sit next to Turner, then I think the narrative around my story versus his, it could be very similar. So then I think it came down to who made the biggest moves in the game. And I thought Turner made the biggest moves on his HOHs.”

In regard to Taylor’s plea to the jury for their vote, Monte added, “Taylor, she’s gifted in communication. She knows how to connect with people. And I think during her speech and the way that she was answering questions, especially her journey throughout this season, really resonated with the jury. I personally believe that, because before those speeches, I felt pretty good, but then afterwards I felt like, ‘Wow, she smoked that thing.’ She went up there and she just stunted.”

She sure did. Taylor was the powerhouse, and sword of this season. A hidden gem and people definitely underestimated her ability to influence others. Monte continued, “I mean, I thought that she could definitely say things that resonated with the jury. I didn’t know how well it would resonate with the jury.”

Monte only garnered one vote from Turner. Because of that, his surprise about the way the votes fell was to be expected. Joseph [Abdin] [I’m surprised by], because we were so tight throughout the season while he was here in the house. … Kyle [Capener] as well, somebody I was very tight with throughout the entire season, even when the things that sort came out about the way he was playing the game and the unfortunate thought process that he had taken on throughout the game, I thought that he was going to respect my game and how I played it. I thought at least Michael [Bruner] as well too.”

If there’s one thing that is certain, Big Brother is a social experiment. Yes, competition wins matter, beating through your adversaries is important. But Taylor proved to all the viewers, herself, and the rest of the cast that playing a social game is just as important. She was resilient, she was brave, and she changed the course of the game forever.


[Photo Credit:Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved]