Big Brother 24 Houseguest Kyle Capener Speaks Out Regarding His Controversial Eviction From The House

This season of Big Brother has been extremely controversial. The mistreatment of houseguest Taylor Hale during the first week of the season left a bad taste in fans’ mouths from the start. Following that, her mistreatment grew as players like Daniel Durston and Nicole Layog really set out to make her time in the house an actual living hell — only for them to walk out the door before her.

After finally gathering together, “The Leftovers” alliance shook things up by flipping votes on their heads and taking control of the house. That alliance featured houseguest Kyle Capener. Initially, Kyle was all in on the alliance realizing that he had been floating in the game for quite some time. When things started to get messy is when he when against “the leftovers” to save his showmance partner and also started to insinuate the people of color in the house were working together — mimicking that of the highly successful alliance “The Cookout”.

During last week’s broadcast of the show, houseguests Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes revealed to Head of Household (HOH), Matt Tuner that Kyle hinted at forming an all-white alliance to go against the remaining houseguests — who all happened to be players of color. “That possibility of those six with that background, I mean, it looks very similar to the Cookout with a very diverse background,” he said on the show. “They’ve all expressed why they’re in this game … everyone has strong “why’s” that all coincide.

Once Kyle’s plan was revealed to the HOH, the target was pinned quickly on his back. Throughout the week, Kyle could be seen apologizing to the houseguests of color and also asking for advice on how to be better. Unfortunately, after the news spread through the house, Kyle only had a few days left before his eviction, and any chance of him being safe just wasn’t an option. Now that he’s in the jury house, Kyle spoke with Us Weekly and shared more of his thoughts. “This week has been very tough, but also very amazing with interacting with the individuals in the house. I’ve chatted with each one individually, and they’ve shared their experiences, their support for me, their love and compassion for someone in my situation. I’m forever grateful for that,” he said.

“As far as leaving the game, the responsibility then falls on me to continue to learn and grow and continue to find resources that can help me understand these types of situations more fully.”


[Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved]