Heather Dubrow

Heather Dubrow Denies Rumors That She Skipped Filming Because Of Cheating Rumors About Terry Dubrow

Is Heather Dubrow regretting her big comeback last season? The Real Housewives of Orange County star took a 5 year break from the show before rejoining the cast last year for season 16. But rumors started swirling that she skipped out of filming some of season 17. Fans started to speculate it was because of the recent gossip going around that husband Dr. Terry Dubrow was cheating.

As reported by Us Weekly, an RHOC insider dispelled the talk of Heather taking a break from filming. “Heather hasn’t stopped filming. Any rumor of her not filming isn’t true,” the production insider shared.

Last month, the Bravo fan account @bravohousewives speculated that Terry had been unfaithful to Heather. The rumor originated from the popular celeb gossip account DeuxMoi. After the fan account reposted it, Heather quickly jumped on to shoot it down. She wrote in the comments, “This is not true, on any level.”

This isn’t the first time Heather and Terry have been through cheating rumors though. During an April episode of her podcast Heather Dubrow’s World, the housewife addressed cheating claims that circulated earlier this year. Said Heather, “There’s a rumor online right now that Terry was banging his assistant for years. It’s not true. I’m not going to give it any weight or any life because it’s stupid.”

During Heather’s early years on RHOC, she struggled through tough times with Terry on camera. Terry famously admitted during a cast dinner that they used the “d word,” meaning divorce. Despite being on a reality show about her life, Heather was not too happy that Terry but their very private business out there. But the couple, who married in 1999, got through it and seemed to come out of it better than ever.

So when it came to Heather returning to the show, she wanted to make sure her family would be able to make the transition. Heather shared in January, “We wanted to be able to show our version of a normal family and what’s going on here so we could start conversations in other people’s homes. I have to say, with all the BS and everything that goes on and how difficult emotionally it is to do a show like this, those scenes [are special].”

The former actress also discussed the highs and lows of her marriage to Terry. “Being together this long — you have good years and bad years — literally not just good days and bad days. But it’s how you get through all of it. I think that we have been very lucky over the years in getting through those situations,” she remarked.

One of those particularly tough times was when they started a family. Heather admitted, “It was a very difficult transition for me to go from a full-time working person to a full-time stay-at-home mom. Terry was still living his same life going to work and everything. That was a very difficult transition for us.” She concluded, “It was just crazy. So we definitely had that period of time where we could have gone in that [difficult] direction. It could have gone poor for us, but we managed to get through that.”


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]