Sharna Burgess

Dancing With The Stars Pro Sharna Burgess Speaks Out About “Intrusive Mom Thoughts;” Says “If You Know, You Know”

Honey, I know. This is an interesting subject that is rarely discussed in a reality television environment. That said, it is important and pretty common, so it’s nice to see a celebrity sharing their own.

Dancing with the Stars professional hot stepper Sharna Burgess became a mom recently, courtesy of Brian Austin Green. Brian already has quite a few kids and this isn’t his first trip around the baby block. Sharna on the other hand is a first-time mother and experiencing all of the wonderful little things that come with being responsible for a tiny human being. Sharna welcomed a baby boy in June 2022 and recently spoke up on social media about having “intrusive thoughts” involving her son. People shared the details.

“Honestly, I thought it was something wrong with my brain at first,” Sharna confessed in an Instagram post. She is specifically talking about the “intrusive mom thoughts” she’s been experiencing since her son’s birth. Per Wikipedia, “an intrusive thought is an unwelcome, involuntary thought, image, or unpleasant idea that may become an obsession, is upsetting or distressing, and can feel difficult to manage or eliminate.” So basically if you’ve watched Final Destination and now refuse to drive behind a logging truck for any reason, you may have experienced an intrusive thought.

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Sharna added, “These super dark thoughts of all the things that could go wrong. All the ways I or life could accidentally hurt my baby. Falling down [the] stairs holding him, sickness, a car accident.. the list is long but I won’t share it. If you know you know,” she said. Completely normal for new moms and you know, regular people to have these feelings – but they can often be debilitating for a person now in charge of something with a pulse.

Sharna said she’s doing better, but the struggle is real. “5 months in and I still get them but I have learned to tame them and understand them and most of all.. realized I am not alone. That last one was a huge relief.” A lot of these thoughts manage to work themselves out after the second kid comes along. Your first child is wrapped in styrofoam to avoid any type of injury, but kid #2 will be given a scrap of bedsheet and a thumbs up. I’m kidding, kind of.

The new mom believes the thoughts come from the enormous responsibility of having a child and… she’s right. “I guess it makes sense too, we have this massive responsibility suddenly upon us when we leave that hospital… in a diaper.. sleep deprived, emotionally charged but also depleted, trying to piece ourselves back together and let’s not forget .. in pain,” Sharna explained.

She also included skills she’s built after learning from dealing with this issue. Sharing is caring! Thankfully Sharna is doing better successfully dealing with her intrusive thoughts and hopes speaking on her experience will help other moms too.


[Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/ABC via Getty Images]