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Lenny Hochstein Confirms He Has A Mortgage; Says It’s “Embarrassing” That Estranged Wife Lisa Hochstein Doesn’t Know What A Home Equity Line Of Credit Is

The debate as to whether or not Lisa Hochstein has a mortgage on her mega-mansion rages on. At least on the current season of Real Housewives of Miami. But her estranged husband, Dr. Lenny Hochstein, wants to put the speculation to rest. And is directly contradicting Lisa.

Lenny recently told Page Six via email that the couple does in fact have a $4 million mortgage loan. Additionally, he took out a $4 million home equity line of credit during his ongoing divorce from Lisa. Said Lenny, “When I bought the land where the house now sits for $7.5M I took out a $4M loan.” He added, “I paid for the construction of the new home without taking another loan.”

The plastic surgeon/Instagram model chaser made sure to note that the loan was on “the land” and not “on the home.” He stated, “I have maintained that loan because the interest rate on it is far below the market, and it makes no sense to pay it off.” Uhhh, said no one but Lenny ever? Who would choose not to pay off an interest accruing loan if they actually could? Interest is interest and you’re still paying it, even if it’s below market value.

This whole mortgage fiasco began when RHOM castmate Larsa Pippen slammed Lisa for financially relying on her husband of 12 years. In the midst of the argument, Lisa claimed they didn’t have a mortgage on their multi-million dollar Star Island abode. Larsa countered that her mortgage loan is public information.

Indeed it is, because Page Six obtained the real estate documents to prove it. Documents show that Lenny took out a loan in September 2022. Which just so happened to be a few months after he filed for divorce from Lisa.

While it’s not public knowledge how much of the loan Lenny has used so far, the balance is due in 2052. But according to him, he’s already paid it off. Sounds fishy. A real estate expert confirmed my suspicions. They told Page Six, “You wouldn’t pull out $4 million unless you really need it.”

Apparently one loan wasn’t enough, as Lenny also took out a $4.16 million conventional loan the same day. Also to be paid back by the time he hits 80 years old in 2052.

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Lisa found her financial claims in in question when Larsa accused her of renting out her house on the weekends for film, TV and music video shoots. Lisa didn’t take kindly to the claim and later told Lenny about the fight over dinner. Instead of explaining their finances, Lenny snidely remarked, “She doesn’t know what a home equity line of credit is. That’s pretty embarrassing for her.”

Regardless of what Lisa did or didn’t know, she has since figured it out. Her signature is on both of the loan documents, with the clarification that she is “not assuming any personal liability for payment of the debt.” That’s because only Lenny’s name is on the deed.

As for the house that has sparked so much debate, Lenny purchased it in 2012, three years after marrying Lisa. The couple share two young children together and have recently been to court after Lenny tried to kick her out of the home. He later relented after getting dragged hard in the press and let Lisa keep the residence.

He has since shacked up with girlfriend Katharina Mazepa, who he acknowledged he was dating when he made his divorce announcement.


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