Real Housewives of Miami Lisa Hochstein

Lisa Hochstein Calls Husband Lenny Hochstein’s Girlfriend Katharina Mazepa A “Sore Loser”

Case closed. Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein can hopefully move on from one painful chapter of her contentious divorce. Back in June, Katharina Mazepa, the girlfriend of Lisa’s estranged husband Dr. Lenny Hochstein, filed a restraining order against Lisa in court. Katharina claimed that Lisa created fake Instagram accounts to bully her online.

Now that the case was recently dismissed, Lisa is speaking out about it to Page Six. During an appearance on Page Six’s podcast, Virtual Realia-Tea, Lisa called out Katharina. Said Lisa, “It just seems like this person is a sore loser.”

According to Katharina, Lisa admitted in court that she did create the fake accounts. But Lisa maintains that Katharina’s accusations didn’t stand up in court. “The judge dismissed this. And this judge is very credible. And it was like a three-day trial, like, she listened to all the facts and she dismissed it and thought it was ridiculous. So that’s all I want to say about that,” Lisa explained.

The RHOM cast member, who shares two children with Lenny, noted that Lenny’s girlfriend is making their divorce worse. Said Lisa, “I’ve just never seen so much involvement from the third party in someone’s divorce. Like, I feel like I’m divorcing two people and it sucks and I’m just trying to do the best I can. And it’s just a lot of noise,” she added.

She then stated, “I just wish everyone would take the high road and just, like, stop with the lies and stop with the nonsense.”

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But Katharina decided to do the opposite of take the high road in response to Lisa’s comments. Katharina told Page Six, “She claims that my allegations were ‘false and fictitious’ when the truth of the matter is that the judge fully believed that she had committed those stalking acts.” The Instagram model continued, “However, it appeared like Lisa was purposely tailoring her testimony towards a small body of caselaw as a ‘scorned woman’ to get off the hook for her wrongdoings.”

As for Katharina’s accusations that Lisa harassed her online, she griped, “Perhaps she should spend less time creating finstagrams and commenting under her own posts and threatening me and focus on real life. She can keep denying her wrongdoing all that she wants, the court has it on record and a transcript has been ordered. The longer she keeps denying what she has done the less credible she will look in the end of the day,” Katharina stated.

Regarding Lisa’s statement that Katharina is too involved in her divorce, Katharina pushed back on that too. “She is the one who decided to go public with her smear campaign and dragging me on her show, in the media and on social media in the first place. She promised she will do anything in her power ‘to destroy me and make me pay,'” Katharina alleged.

But the judge handling the restraining order saw things differently and found no “just cause” and “insufficient” evidence. Maybe Katharina should spend less time filing court orders and focus on “real life.”


[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Peacock]