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Married At First Sight Season 16 Episode 4 Recap: Honeymoon Hiccups

The Married At First Sight  newlyweds have only known each other for a very short time, but they finally will get a glimpse of who they just married while vacationing together. This is when things will really start to pick up. While on vacation, each person will get a chance to observe their spouse’s habits. They will also have the opportunity to have some of the deeper discussions that will reveal if their marriage can truly work. I don’t know about them, but I am already seeingsome red flags.

Five newlywed pairs of strangers share a bed for the first time on their wedding night. The next day they are dropped into the lion’s den for a round of personal questions and concerns from their brand-new spouse’s family and friends. Some come with what seems like well-rehearsed answers, while others face the heat. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Airris & Jasmine

Jasmine came ready! After the wedding, Airris had plans to fall asleep immediately, but when he saw her in that lingerie he may have had other thoughts. Yassss! Set the bar high, girl. The next day, he meets with his wife’s family. They give him some sound advice about how to navigate marriage in general. Unfortunately for Jasmine, his bitter cousin was in attendance to bring down the mood. But Jasmine is ready for their questions, which Airris’ cousin points out sound like pageant answers. Insert side eye here. Does she expect this woman to tell her all of her faults the first time meeting her? Of course she is going to present herself in the best possible light.

Jasmine and Airris discuss their meetings with each other’s families. Naturally, his cousin and her overprotective nature becomes a topic of conversation. I thought Jasmine handled the situation really well and didn’t take it personally. Of course, her husband wasn’t surprised by his cousin’s behavior and just wants to focus on their future. I guess they will have plenty of time to do just that when they go on their honeymoon.

Mackinley & Domynique

Mackinley meets with Domynique’s family to gain more insight into his wife and her family. Their number one concern is that he will be able to take care of their daughter and withstand any naysayers. Meanwhile, Domynique meets with the women in her husband’s family. Once again his mother reiterates that she thinks marrying a stranger was crazy. Guess what mom, he is married now. You can either accept it or not, but what is done is done. I have to say that despite some awkward moments Domynique remains optimistic and positive.

Its honeymoon time and this year the destination is Jamaica. On the plane to Jamaica, Mackinley complains that he and Dominique are stuck in the back of the plane near the restroom. Apparently he usually only travels first class. Really? He only travels first class yet he opted to move in with his friend’s family rather than get his own place in Nashville. Okay…. I can’t wait to see how things progress on the honeymoon if he is already complaining.

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Christopher & Nicole

Chris meets with Nicole’s family and they jump right into things fairly quickly. Her dad wants to ensure that his new son-in-law is serious about his daughter and their marriage. Chris assures him that he has good intentions and is fully committed. Nicole quickly disarms her hubby’s family and uses her time to get more insight on him as a person. I can see both of these families blending together if things work out.

Nicole shares that she gets vacation anxiety when traveling with a significant other. She has had some toxic relationships in the past that have made her feel bad about herself. She even tells Chris that she let her ex burn her with a cigarette to prove her love. Sigh! That broke my heart to hear that she had to endure that from someone she loved. I just hope she has taken the time and space to truly heal. Although I appreciate the transparency, I think I would have given him a chance to truly get to know me before revealing that information. But Chris immediately reassures her that she is worthy of true love and he sees her value.

Shaquille and Kirsten

The next morning, Kirsten wakes up and appears to be a lot more comfortable with her new stranger spouse, Shaquille. Given that she was so surprised by his bald head, I wasn’t sure of the outcome. Later, they both meet with each other’s loved ones for brunch. Kirsten has a very laid back interaction while Shaquille is grilled by her friends. One of her friends does give him some very insightful advice about consistency being the key to helping his wife open up in the future.

Shaquille breaks the news to Kirsten that they will not be arriving with the other couples to their honeymoon. Instead he plans to have her accompany him to Mississippi to witness him give a research presentation. Sigh! I know she was disappointed. Who wants to go to work when they could be in Jamaica on the beach with a cocktail? Let’s be honest, all signs point to Kirsten not being into her new husband. I am shocked she didn’t just tell him to meet her in Jamaica at this point.

Clint & Gina

Clint and Gina seem to be getting along well. When she meets with his family, she easily navigates through the conversation and their questions. Meanwhile, her family has some more hard hitting questions for him. Much like his wife, he is able to win them over fairly quickly. But I can tell when they mention her being a workaholic, that Clint is concerned. He seems like a very spontaneous person and someone chained to a desk probably the opposite of what he wants to deal with in a relationship.


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