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Married At First Sight Season 16 Episode 10 Recap: “Love Is Up In The Air”

Clearly, the producers of Married At First Sight realized that it appears most of the couples they matched are more than likely to get divorced. During this episode, they push the newlyweds to interact on dates and have some deeper conversations. Despite all of their efforts, none of my opinions have changed. I still feel like most of these marriages are doomed. But until decision day, I am still willing to go on this journey with them.

With only five weeks left, some spouses confront deep questions and look inward. Other couples try to build love through shared adventures.  After all the sailing, spa nights and heart-to-hearts, not all the couples are seeing eye to eye. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Christopher & Nicole

Nicole continues to hint that she loves her husband, Chris. It’s obvious she wants him to say it first, but he is not quite ready to make that commitment. Later, he makes the mistake of telling his wife that he has made some comments she may not like. Apparently, he told the guys that she is “thicker” than he usually goes for. Sigh! Did he not learn anything from the situation with Clint? I appreciate the fact that he told her the truth. But I am just not sure why he made the comment in the first place. Naturally, she is taken aback to hear that he commented on her body. But she tries to educate him on why saying something that she has said about herself could be hurtful coming from him. Something tells me that this will come back later.  

Clint & Gina

Clint visits Gina’s salon to see where she works and meet her staff. Although he appreciates her entrepreneurial spirit, he worries that she may not have a work-life, balance. When he speaks with his mom who is also an entrepreneur, she reminds him that she may be able to set her own schedule now, but in the beginning stages, she had to put in a lot of groundwork. Honestly, I believe people make time for what they what to make time for. So if Gina truly wants to continue her marriage, she will make time for their relationship. In this episode alone they went on multiple dates, so I don’t think she is someone who is just a workaholic.  

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Airris & Jasmine

Jasmine and Airris talk about their past relationships. Airris confesses that he has been close to being in love, but he has retreated when he felt things got too serious. I definitely can see that being the case. I am sensing a lack of maturity from him in many ways. Later, he suggests a game where he asks all of these sexual questions. Then he begins to berate her because she hasn’t had the same sexually adventurous experiences as him before getting married. Insert side eye. Jasmine made it clear she wanted to begin to have deeper conversations and once again the only thing he can talk about is sex. I don’t think he is capable of anything beyond a superficial conversation, so he relies on the subjects that he is comfortable with. I would be completely turned off at this point.

Shaquille & Kirsten

Kirsten worries that Shaq is not putting enough effort into spending time and getting to know her. Given the expedited nature of the experiment, one would think this would be the time to discover as much as possible. But Shaq hasn’t made any changes to his routine now that he is married. When she confronts him on the topic, he pretty much admits in order to make her happy, he needs to do that for himself first. Now Shaq, no one is saying you have to give up everything, but you may need to adjust some things in your new life as a married man. They will never get this initial time back to build the groundwork for their relationship. If he starts off making her feel neglected now, I doubt she will think things will get better later.

Kirsten finally gets to meet the mentees that Shaq spends so much time with. During the conversation, he reveals that he denied an out-of-state job offer because he didn’t think it would be beneficial to their marriage. I don’t know if I believe that is the entire reason he said no, but at least he is thinking about the future. I don’t care what anyone says, I don’t see any real chemistry between them. During this episode, they had so many scenes that seemed so forced. Yawn! Even when Kirsten plans a home spa date for some self-care and conversation, it didn’t seem natural. During their date, Shaq had to ask her to let down her guard. He has revealed a lot about himself and his insecurities and Kirsten still struggles in that area.


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