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Married At First Sight Season 16 Episode 9 Recap: “Party-ing Ways”

This week’s episode of Married At First Sight was full of so much drama! I am still in shock that so many couples are struggling this early. Even the ones that seem okay are having their own doubts. Will we even have anyone who will stay married this season? By the looks of things, I am not so sure. But there is no shortage of entertainment. I don’t think I have sat on the edge of my seat so much in the first few weeks of any other season.

The Nashville newlyweds plan housewarming parties. The guest list sparks controversy for one couple. Others get grilled by their guests during their parties. Another couple reveals they’ve crossed the threshold into sex, while another reconsiders their divorce. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Christopher & Nicole

Nicole goes to lunch with her friend, Julianne, to discuss her new life. Although things have been easy so far, she finds herself waiting for things to go downhill. She even admits that despite her best efforts, she can’t help but overthink the situation. As much as I want to say that I think she is just being over the top, I am also waiting for something to happen. Is that bad? As much as I am rooting for them, I kind of feel like it’s only a matter of time before something changes.

At the housewarming, Nicole’s friends pull Chris aside to make sure that his wife’s personality isn’t too much for him. They encourage him to continue to be nice, but not to become a pushover. Apparently, Nicole likes a man who can call her out when necessary. Sigh! I don’t know if Chris is quite up for that task.  While talking to Chris’ friends, Nicole acknowledges her strong personality, but she wants him to speak up as well

Clint & Gina

Clint meets with one of his married friends to get some advice on his relationship. His friend makes a great point that the experiment doesn’t allow them to build in a low-stress environment. He also notices that Clint is being really careful about how he communicates his feelings. I’m sure he has learned his lesson from his last mistake.

Later, Gina finally decides to move into the shared apartment. Before anyone gets too excited, they will be sharing separate bedrooms. Hey, that still counts for progress. Just last week, Gina was not budging on her decision not to move in and now they are living together.

Airris & Jasmine

Airris meets with his opinionated cousin, Falina, that warned him he wasn’t ready to get married. He reveals that he isn’t attracted to his wife, but he believes she would have his back. In a post-interview, the cousin admits that she thinks that Jasmine is fake. She also declines to attend their housewarming because she doesn’t feel the need to invest her time in something that isn’t going anywhere. But before she leaves, she suggests that he should have sex with Jasmine and work on their intimacy. I have to disagree. He has already told anyone who will listen that he only sees Jasmine as a friend. Having sex would only send mixed signals. His wife has also admitted she falls in love easily, so why complicate the situation?

Jasmine and Airris disagree about their guest list for their housewarming party. She does not want to entertain Airris’ cousin, Falina. Jasmine is still offended that she was called disingenuous. Unbeknownst to her, Falina doesn’t want to be around her, either. I guess Airris didn’t take their beef seriously because he invited his cousin earlier that day. The sparks are definitely going to fly if she decides to show up last minute. During the party, Airris and Jasmine voice some of the problems they have encountered. When he speaks to her family alone, he tells them he would be excited if she gave up three of her four dogs. Meanwhile, Jasmine voices concerns about their lack of a sex life with his male friends. I definitely wasn’t expecting her to say all of that. But I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have a male opinion.

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Shaquille & Kirsten

Shaq and Kirsten decide to invite two married couples that are important in their lives to come to their housewarming party. I definitely think this is a good idea because these two could definitely use some advice. Very quickly the topic of their sex and intimacy comes up. Considering Kirsten is still using the excuse that she isn’t a good kisser to avoid kissing her husband, things get awkward. Her cousins give Shaq some great advice. Meanwhile, his friends speak with Kirsten and share some of their insights about growing into attraction and eventually love.

Mackinley & Domynique

Domynique is over Mackinley and the show at this point. During the visit with Pastor Calvin Roberson she informs Mackinley that she wants to get a divorce. This is where her age is beginning to show. I know that her husband wasn’t everything she expected, but I think she gave up much too quickly. Why go through the hassle of marrying a stranger only to give up in a few weeks when you only had to make an effort for two months? Although she is apologetic, Mackinley can’t help but feel embarrassed as he watches his wife walk out the door. Sigh! What a season!

Domynique meets with her mother to discuss the state of their marriage. She is still unaware of where she has made mistakes and solely places all the blame on Mackinley. Her mother gently tries to get her to see where she could have gone wrong, to no avail. Oddly, the couples have a group potluck and both of them stroll in together. 

When they explain the situation to the group, they clearly don’t agree on the breakdown of the relationship. The other couples are shocked and encourage them to give things another try. Domynique claims she may reconsider. But after the party, she tells Mackinley she only agreed because of peer pressure. Sigh! Mackinley is disappointed and declines to remain friends.


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