BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT -- Pictured: Parsifal III -- (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: Daisy Goes Crazy

Welcome to Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4, Episode 5, where we find Gary King and Madison “Mads” Herrera still making out in the jacuzzi. It was 3:14 am and everyone else had gone to bed. A drunken Alex Propson was having a bedtime snack in the galley. As he staggered off to bed, Gary and Mads finally decided to call it a day, too.

Memories are hazy

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Daisy Kelliher — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

The next morning as the guys were waking up in their cabin, Colin MacRae asked, “Did anyone hook up with anyone last night?”

Sleepily, Gary answered, “[Bleep], I don’t know. I don’t think so.” So he doesn’t remember Mads almost drowning him in the hot tub then?

Chase Lemacks admitted, “Yeah, I’m done with the lady situation, boys.” That’s because loser Chase has no game. He can’t compete with the smooth moves of Gary and Alex.

“They all love Fabio,” he whined into his pillow. “I feel like if I try to pursue anything now, it’s just going to make tension with me and Alex, and I don’t really want to have a f***ing miserable charter season.” So he totally missed drunken Alex going below for a snack and Gary moving in on Mads. So did Alex apparently. But it doesn’t matter, because Gary doesn’t remember anything either! Or so he says.

Meanwhile, Alex was helping Mads with the cleanup, while wearing a pair of shades to protect his eyes. “I think I may have drank a little bit too much,” he said in an interview, “cause I’m pretty sure that I blacked out.” Yup, you did, buddy. He was also pretty sure he “f***ed up his chances” with Mads. What he doesn’t know is that Gary picked up that ball and ran with it.

Up on deck, Colin was filling Gary in, “I heard it was just you and Mads in the f***ing jacuzzi at the end.”

“Was it?” Gary innocently asked. “Oh, yeah, it might have been.”

“What did you do?” Colin said in a sing-song voice.

“A man never tells his secrets,” Gary laughed. Especially if that man doesn’t remember anything about last night.

Prepping for Charter 3

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Mads Herrera — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

Trying to recover from their hangovers, the crew went about getting the Parsifal III ready for the next charter. Speaking of which, Captain Glenn Shephard called for Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher, First Mate Gary and Chef Ileisha Dell to meet him in the crew mess for a preference sheet meeting.

When he saw that the guests were requesting a beach picnic on their second day, Captain Glenn reiterated that whenever the guests leave the boat, there should be a member of the interior crew to serve drinks while they’re away.

“To serve beer and wine in the tender is a pretty basic thing,” Daisy pushed back. “They’re kind of f***ing around in the tender for a couple of hours. We can do a lot on the boat [in that time].”

“It’s the same for the deck department,” Glenn countered. “There’s tons of stuff for them to polish and clean, and they’re f***ing around in the boat. If all of the guests [are] off the boat, I think we can afford to send to send one from each department. It adds a level of higher service and professionalism.” Give it up, Daisy. You’re not gonna win this one.

“Okay,” Daisy grudgingly conceeded. “If you want it, that’s fine.” I think what you meant to say, Dais, was, “Aye aye, Captain!”

“The guests should always feel like they’re being waited on hand and foot,” Glenn added.

“Honestly, Glenn,” Daisy blurted. “If you want it, I will do it.” All righty then. Glad that’s settled.

And with the meeting concluded, Glenn dismissed everyone with, “Let’s get crackin’ on it. Thank you very much.”

Colin and Daisy: Is there something stewing?

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Colin MacRae — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

While Gary was pressing a reluctant Mads for a critique of their makeout session the previous night, Colin was attempting to repair a cabinet in the galley. When Daisy knelt down to check on him, he asked her, “Make out with anyone last night?”

She answered, “No,” and he quickly said, “Don’t lie!”

“I didn’t!” she insisted. “I’m not hooking up with anyone. I’m staying away from everyone.” Meaning Gary?

“I think that’s my plan as well,” Colin told her. “The two young girls [Mads and Lucy Edmunds] are too young. Chef’s got a boyfriend. Not that I find any of them attractive anyway, in that way.”

“Or you,” he added. Really, Colin? We’ll see about that.

“Well, I’m not hooking up with anyone,” Daisy told Colin, as she batted her eyelashes and gave him a big smile.

“Good chat,” she finished, patting Colin on the belly and rising to leave.

In the meantime, Gary found Alex on deck. “I’m going to tell you something,” he began. “I hooked up with Mads last night.”

“Did you really?” Alex asked.

“Well, we just kissed,” Gary admitted. “[But] if you are into her, I will back off, because I don’t want to piss you off. I enjoy working with you.”

Even though he told his boss, “No, you’re good, bro,” Alex clearly thought it was weird for Gary to be talking to him about Mads.

“What do you want me to say?” Alex said in an interview. “Thanks for hooking up with the girl that I like?” Awkward.

Last night before charter

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Captain Glenn Shephard — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

As the work day wound down, Chase and Lucy headed off to their respective cabins to get some rest. Mads was taking a second run at Alex, aka “Fabio.”

“Let’s talk about you,” she told him. “What are you interested in?”

Apparently Alex was still mad about the kiss between her and Gary and wanted to talk about that.

“Nope,” Mads replied. “Next. That bastard.” She wasn’t happy that Gary had told Alex about their kiss in the jacuzzi.

“I would have rather not made out with Gary at all,” Mads admitted in an interview. “But Alex was very, very drunk, and a girl needs her needs met. Oh, I’m such a bitch.”

At the same time, Ileisha was up on deck telling everyone about her days in the circus as a contortionist. She did a quick backbend, a walkover and the splits to demonstrate what she could do, even though she claimed, “I’m old now.”

“It was called the Spaghetti Circus,” Ileisha laughed, “and I was really good at the unicycle. I’m a circus girl!”

No drunken carousing tonight, I guess. I was looking forward to seeing who’d be hooking up in the hot tub.

The charter guests arrive

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: (l-r) Daisy Kelliher, Gary King, Ileisha Dell, Chase Lemacks, Colin Macrae, Alex Propson — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

“Welcome to Sardinia!” Captain Glenn greeted them.

As soon as he stepped onto the boat, Primary Guest John stripped off his shirt. “It’s hot out,” he claimed. “I was sweating through the damn thing.”

“Well then you definitely need one of these,” Mads said, offering him a cool towel. She added in an interview, “He gives me high school douchebag vibes.”

After welcoming the guests to the Parsifal, Daisy took them on their tour of the boat, while the deck crew loaded their luggage on board. Somewhere along the way John found another shirt, because he was once again wearing clothes.

As soon as the lines were all on board, Glenn pulled away from the dock. He told Gary they’d need to put someone into the tender and follow the boat, since Italian law prohibits towing a tender to the place they would be anchoring.

Daisy and Gary got into a misunderstanding when he started to tell her about the towing situation, and she put her hands over her ears. He got offended, but she assured him she was just joking.

After Daisy went below, he complained to Glenn and Colin. “As soon as that chick needs something,” he said, “you must bend over backwards. But as soon as you ask a favor, it’s f***ing, ‘I don’t want to hear it!'”

“Have you guys set a date for the wedding?” Glenn joked. Good one, Glenn.

Meanwhile down below, Daisy was perplexed whether Gary was serious or not. “I know Gary thinks I’m sexy when I’m angry,” she said, “but I’ll tell you something. I’m f***ing pissed, and I definitely don’t feel sexy.”

Time to go for a sail! As the sails were going up, the interior crew was busy making sure everything was securely stowed away for heeling over.

“Daisy, Daisy,” radioed Glenn, “we’re starting to sail now.”

And the guests were thrilled. “This is so cool!!!” they said, as everything below deck began to slide to one side of the boat.

Evidently, Charter Guest John thought it would be cool to have Glenn wear his giant, douchy gold chain necklace while sailing the boat. “My dad and I were wondering if you would wear this,” his daughter told Glenn, handing him the chain.

“Yeah, absolutely!” Glenn agreed. Anything for that fat tip, right?

These guests were very demanding. Within the space of about five minutes they asked Lucy for a cookies and cream milkshake, another espresso martini, an aperol spritz, some water and a grilled cheese. Come on, people! She’s only one person. Oh, and a football (American football, please).

Approaching the galley timidly, Lucy asked Ileisha, “Don’t bite my head off, but can I please have a grilled cheese?”

“A toastie?” Ileisha clarified, speaking in British.

“I think these guests are going to ask for everything under the sun,” Daisy predicted. Why not? They’re paying for it.

When water toys attack

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Gary King — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

Once the Parsifal reached the anchorage, it was time for toys. All the water toys were brought out and everyone started playing in the warm Mediterranean. Gary demonstrated how to operate the e-foils. “Just don’t get too close to each other when you’re out there,” he warned.

Of course, two of the guests got too close and collided with each other. “I just heard a crack, dude,” said Glenn with concern.

When they returned to the floating dock, Glenn asked if they were all right. The older man, TJ, said he was okay, other than getting hit in the head “a little bit.”

“Hang on a second,” Glenn objected. “You’re not fine. You’re bleeding.” While Glenn put the guest under the outside shower to wash off the blood, Gary ran below to find something to press against the cut to staunch the flow.

Gary was pissed that the two guests ran into each other, when there’s “literally miles of ocean to play in.” Accidents happen, though, especially when one of those involved is a teenager who might not have been paying attention.

Deciding that TJ didn’t seem concussed, Glenn advised him to go sit upstairs on the deck and relax for a while. Gary bandaged his head, while he sat in a deck chair. Just to be on the safe side, Glenn phoned the local medic to come take a look at the man’s injury.

Determining himself to be “retired from water sports,” TJ relaxed in his cabin, while his wife/girlfriend hovered over him. Glenn told Daisy and Ileisha to push dinner back a bit, since the medic would be coming in about an hour to check out the head injury.

Eventually, Conor the Medic arrived and examined TJ’s head injury. When he asked what happened, TJ cracked, “Somebody threw a harpoon at me or something.”

Sadly, Conor decided that TJ’s cut would need stitches and suggested he go to an emergency clinic. “It’s still bleeding,” he said. “It needs stitches.” So TJ and his partner headed off to the clinic.

Without a doubt, Ileisha’s job just got a lot easier. Not only would there be two fewer guests for dinner, but Mr. and Mrs. TJ were also the vegetarians, which eliminated the need for her to prepare the meatless entrees.

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Season:4 — Pictured: Gary King — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

As the family headed to the table, John joked, “We have two extra seats at the table now, cause Jacob knocked out two of our guests. So maybe we should invite some other people to join us.”

“Oh my god!” moaned Jacob at his dad’s lameness.

But John was serious. “Who shall we invite?” he asked. “How about someone on the staff?”

“Gary!” Jacob grinned. “Gary, yeah!”

“Jacob wants to invite Gary to dinner,” John told Daisy, as she was serving the food. “Is he available?” Did Ileisha prepare enough food for Gary is a better question.

Daisy said she’d go and find out. “Like is this f***ing happening right now?” she interviewed. “After a day like today, me serving Gary . . . this has to be a sick joke. Today is a f***ing day.”

“Hey, Gary,” Daisy told him, “they want to invite you to dinner, but I’m not going to do that to Ileisha. But can you join tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, I’ll do tomorrow,” Gary agreed.

“[Bleep] if he’s having dinner with the guests on my watch,” Daisy said in an interview. “Not today. It’s just not happening.”

When she returned to the guests, she told them, “I just spoke to Gary. He has a bit on because of everything that was happening. But tomorrow night, does that work?”

As the guests were enjoying their steak dinner (which looked delicious, by the way), Daisy told the girls to get ready for the 90s party. They were planning to do a Spice Girls theme, including Gary and Alex since they were a couple of Spices short.

Daisy called Alex and Gary to the crew mess to get ready. “When Daisy calls, Gary listens,” Gary cracked. “When Gary calls, Daisy f***ing couldn’t give a sh**.” Is it any wonder Daisy cooled her jets with Gary? He’s kind of grumpy this season.

As Alex and Gary were getting into their Spice Girls outfits — Alex in a leopard print mini and Gary in a sports bra and hot pink short shorts — there was a lot of giggling in the crew mess. “Gary’s not exactly Sporty Spice,” quipped Chase. “He’s more like Old Spice or Hairy Spice.”

When the guests were gathered on the sun deck for their party, Daisy announced, “All the way from London, we have brought in the Spice Girls just to dance for you guys.”

Enter the crew in costume, carrying sparklers. They especially loved Gary skipping across the deck. “Tell us what you want, what you really, really want,” the crew chanted. Couldn’t someone have pulled up a track of the Spice Girls on their phone? Come on, guys!

“Oh my god,” Mads interviewed. “I mean, they’re both hot [Alex and Gary]. But seeing guys in dresses, not necessarily my jam.”

Of course, the guests LOVED it! “You guys are awesome! That was hilarious!”

At 10:15, John asked his daughter if she’d heard from TJ, since they’d been texting. “He’s now in the waiting room,” she said.

“So they’re not coming home for three hours. At least,” John sighed. Wow. Must be a busy night in the ER. What a sucky way to spend your vacation. So sorry, TJ.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, Glenn was also texting the medic. “Hey, Conor, any update?”

“No sorry,” Conor responded. “We are still waiting to be seen in the ER.”

By 11:45, TJ had been off the boat for three hours. Chase was on anchor watch. “I’m going to bed,” Glenn told him. “If you get any reports, let me know.”

I guess that’s why they call it a “waiting” room

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: (l-r) Daisy Kelliher, Alex Propson — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

At 6:30 the next morning, Mads greeted the deck hand, “Morning, Chase.”

“The guests never came back,” he told her. “TJ and Lauren.”

At 7:05 John came out of his cabin. At this point, TJ and Lauren had been off the boat for over 10 hours. Glancing into their cabin and seeing their unslept in beds, he uttered, “What the f***?”

Finding Chase on deck, John asked, “Do you have any idea where TJ and Lauren are?”

Sadly, Chase had no idea what was happening with TJ. In an interview, he admitted, “I’m pretty f***ing worried about TJ. I’m starting to wonder, ‘Is this guy okay?'”

As John attempted to make an outside-of-service-area phone call to TJ, Chase knocked on Glenn’s cabin door. “Captain, sorry to wake you. Just wanted to let you know the Primary is up. TJ and Lauren never came back last night, and he’s just a little upset about it.”

“I’ll come up,” Glenn told Chase. In an interview, the Captain admitted, “This is one example where no news might not be good news. What a disaster!”

Just as he was about to totally lose his sh**, John finally got a call from TJ. “I’m okay,” he said. “There was a ton of people. I gotta get my name called at some point.” It’s been 12 hours and he hasn’t been seen yet? That’s nuts!

“Sooner rather than later,” he told his buddy John, “I’ll be ready to rage.”

“Unf***ing believable,” John muttered as he hung up the phone.

Finally Glenn got a text from Conor, “TJ is just now getting in to see the doctor. I’ll keep you posted.”

Glenn went up to the sun deck to tell John his news. “Sounds like he’s in seeing the doctor now. And hopefully, we can get him back on board soon. A little bit later, we’re gonna do the beach setup.”

While the guests were eating breakfast, TJ finally called with the news that he was done. “I got stitches with no anesthetic,” he announced. Ouch. But the good news was that he was on his way back. Poor guy. He and his wife must have been exhausted.

After 14 hours, TJ and Lauren finally returned to the boat. “I’m just glad you’re okay,” Captain Glenn told them. “That’s the most important thing.”

As Alex and Lucy were setting up the beach picnic, Daisy and Mads had to serve a second breakfast to the returning guests and do cabins at the same time. Even though they were short a stew, the guests kept requesting drinks, smoothies and food. Sweet Colin offered to help, but didn’t know how to make a smoothie, so Daisy just ended up doing it herself. She was getting overwhelmed.

“I’m this close to having a f***ing meltdown,” Daisy said in frustration. “People can stop sitting up in the f***ing bridge, while we’re insanely busy. I just feel like I’m drowning, and I can’t get my head above water. I feel like I can’t get things under control.”

“If I’m running up and down the stairs,” she complained to Ileisha, “stop asking me if I need help and just f***ing help.”

“I feel so beaten down,” Daisy admitted in an interview.

“Hey, Daisy!” called John, as the Chief Stew was sobbing in her cabin below deck. Hang in there, Daisy! Only 24 more hours before these guests leave and you can relax.

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