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Andy Cohen Receives Skinny Italian Pizza Oven Gift From Teresa Giudice on WWHL

Do these people hear what they’re saying? Pizza-gate is a misunderstanding and a half, and we basically have the story of the Gorgas, the story of the Giudices (+ Luis), and the truth. Real Housewives of New Jersey househusbands are at it again, and it’s over this pizza oven business. What would possess them to go into business together when they have so much personal conflict. They can’t even manage that – let alone with money involved. And now, Teresa Giudice has gifted Andy Cohen one of these ovens on WWHL, and in her head there is probably no shade thrown.

Like I said two sides to every story, but we also have Dana Wilkey in the mix. Yes, one hit wonder, I wear $25k sunglasses Dana Wilkey of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She adds more details to the pizza ovens that she says Bravo filmed and decided not to use. And she claims to have receipts. A literal receipt.

The backstory. Family business deal gone bad. Joe Gorga says he had this idea for pizza ovens branded as Nonno’s Pizza and thought it made sense to split with Teresa 50/50. Luis Ruelas was excited about the deal, but Teresa says he lost $250k and Joe is basically the problem. Joe thinks Luis took the idea out from underneath him, rebranded it, and tried to cut him out when it was his idea. Now Teresa may or may not be flaunting the pizza oven to their boss via a segment on WWHL.

What does Dana say?

She called in her New Jersey contacts and the information she received is different. Allegedly, Luis was in for the cost of the ovens – $104k and those ovens were delivered to him. There was a website, photo shoot, etc., and that might/might not amount to the other roughly $150k.

The ovens came via Joe’s nephew’s connections from China and Luis paid the nephew directly. In addition to ovens, Joe wanted to pursue a pizza subscription idea, but Skinny Italian wasn’t in the mix. It sounds as if (allegedly) Luis started doing all this planning on his own, and that’s when the rebranding came about. He essentially blindsided Joe with the changes, and wanted to give Joe a percentage he thought was fair (five percent down from 50 percent). This did not go over well behind Joe’s back with Joe’s contacts. Oh, and this was a couple years ago!

Fast forward to today, Teresa gives Andy a wrapped gift that he opens on air. It’s a Skinny Italian pizza oven with the Giudice family picture on it, and no Gorgas. In Teresa’s head this is probably a thoughtful gift, and it’ll be good promotion for the oven. She even mentions she’ll send Andy some pizzas. Bet Joe saw that and had his own thoughts.

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