Gary King Daisy Kelliher
(Photo by: Astrid Stawiarz/Bravo via Getty Images)

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Star Daisy Kelliher Shades Gary King’s ‘Leadership Style’

So much of Below Deck Sailing Yacht has become the interaction between Daisy Kelliher and Gary King. Not just in a flirtatious manner. These two have been teasing each other for three seasons now with sexual innuendo. The chief stew maintains that they have only ever been friends. But the occasional drunken make out session hints otherwise.

Us viewers also get a kick out of their professional bickering. More often than not, Daisy and her team are scrambling and overworked on charter. She looks to the deck team to help out, but Gary never willingly lets one of his to work interior tasks. In a recent episode, the two heads of department butted heads on the use of one of Daisy’s stews. She ended up sitting on the beach for two hours with little to do, as her boss predicted.

The First Mate’s abrasive personality sometimes rubs his personnel the wrong way. He’s a hit with the ladies, but has difficulty with the range of personalities of his subordinates. For example, Chase Lemacks is a dependable enough employee, if he’s not feeling demoralized.

Daisy thinks Gary needs to work on adaptability

The Ireland native recently gave an exclusive interview to the Daily Star, during which Gary got some constructive criticism for his management style. The two have been working together on Parsifal III for three seasons now with different teams each charter season. Who better than Daisy to critique the man?

“I love Gary and I don’t want to speak badly of him, but honestly he needs to amp up his leadership style,” Daisy said.

Gary lacks a certain malleability in dealing with differing personalities. The one arena where he adapts to just about any specimen is when pursuing a hook up.

“Being a good manager is about reading that person and being able to adapt yourself,” Daisy concluded. “They shouldn’t adapt themselves to you – that’s not what they’re being paid for, they’re at the bottom of the leaderboard.”

The First Mate has a ton of job security. Both on Parsifal III and as a Bravolebrity. Though these comments were made in the spirit of constructive criticism, I’d wager Gary is unlikely to amend his manner. And that makes for better reality TV viewing.

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