Love is Blind. Josh D. in season 4 of Love is Blind. Cr. Monty Brinton/Netflix © 2023

Love Is Blind Star Jackie Bonds Would ‘Marry’ Josh Demas ‘A Thousand Times Over’

She’s in deep. Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds of Love is Blind Season 4 believes she has met her match. After ending her relationship with Marshall Glaze (who is also in a happy relationship), Jackie has found renewed love in costar, Josh Demas. And apparently, he’s someone she could marry “a thousand times over.”

She’s practically swooning! Let’s hope this relationship is solid because she’s given us a deep, deep tribute via a recent Q&A. On Instagram. You know it’s cool if you tell a person how you feel to their face, right?

But love is love and if she says Josh is the one for her – then he is. She says, “He really is my twin.” That’s better than the two halves make a whole rhetoric. At least, we’re two people!

As to their dynamic, she says, “I know his buttons … he knows mine … We barely argue.” Ah, the love bubble. However, it’s reasonable to think that when you’ve lived with someone long enough sometimes a non-button becomes a button for one day only haha.

Is he a fool?

As for the show, she basically said it made Josh look ridiculous. In fact, she said, “The show made him look a fool but he is far from.” Reality TV tends to do that with their special splicing and dicing editing.

As far as his drinking, she’s defending him there too. Jackie added, “He doesn’t drink … in the year I have been with him he has had a max four shots.” Needless to say, she won’t be finding him at the pub anytime soon. Good for him, if that’s the way he likes to live. He is a spiritual man, and even has Jackie finding her place back in the church.

Jackie indicated it’s an unimaginable love. But it is imaginable girl, because he’s there in the flesh! And speaking to their love, she says he’s “part of her chromosome. Part of her DNA.” Maybe she should write a romance novel because she’s lost me there. She has a way with poetic words, but let’s not have to run any DNA tests.

As for Jackie, she feels the need to explain a lot. And defend a lot (per her IG). Hopefully, she’ll ease up and let the chips fall where they may. People always change and grow. Relationships evolve and dynamics change (even a live reunion happens once in a while). And you can’t control what people are going to think about you. Roll with it, and that’ll keep your relationship together.

Watch Love is Blind, but don’t keep the blinders on in the end. Season 4 is available to binge on Netflix. Season 5 will be here in September.