Image: ITV

New Love Island UK Star ‘Feels Sick’ About Offensive Historic Tweets

Things are heating up for Love Island, but certainly not in the way the producers would’ve hoped. With the recent UK 2023 Summer Islanders reveal, viewers are already digging up dirt on the incoming competitors. Is it any wonder that the Islanders are banned from social media to shield themselves from online abuse?

Although, whether this is abuse or justice is up for debate. Incoming contestant George Fensom has been accused of racism, homophobia, misogyny, and cheating. Yikes. That’s a lot.

Now, before anyone has a fit about cancel culture, remember that it’s important to hold people accountable for the things they say. Free speech has never meant freedom from consequence or criticism. The court of public opinion is a driving force in reality TV. When a person makes the choice to broadcast their life to the world, they have to understand they’re subject to criticism.

Love Island? Or Love Lie-land?

The Tweets come from an account called Exposing George Fensom. They showcase George’s still-present ties to individuals who’ve made racist comments. One screenshot shows George using the f***** slur. One video from an ex accuses him of harsh mistreatment and cheating, and another tweet claims women have accused him of being “touchy” and “demanding.”

That’s a lot to swallow. George responded in a released statement, saying, “I honestly just feel absolutely sick about those tweets. They are not who I am today.” He chalked it up to naivety considering his age when he tweeted the slur. It was about 12 years ago.

As far as his ex’s TikTok, he simply denied the allegations. “That isn’t an accusation that reflects me at all, I couldn’t be any further from that accusation and I feel quite upset about [it] … I really can’t think of anything worse than being something like that.”

There’s a lot to digest here. While it’s true that people can change, when the evidence is stacked against a person like this? It’s hard to believe they have changed. But as it stands, we can’t entirely prove anything one way or the other.

Love Island Season 10 begins Monday, June 5 at 9pm GMT on ITV2 and ITVX.