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Kristen Doute Tweets About Cancel Culture After Her Own Cancellation

Am I going to miss Kristen Doute on Vanderpump Rules? To a degree, yes. She always delivered on the show without even meaning to. Who else tells their boss to suck a dick and thinks they were wrongfully terminated? Only Kristen. Do I agree with Bravo’s decision to fire her? Absolutely. Do I think what her and Stassi Schroeder did to Faith Stowers was horrible and ignorant? Yes. Will Pump Rules be okay without them? Yes. You can have great reality TV without bigots.

At one point in time, I really enjoyed watching Kristen.  She always displays an inability to learn anything from her mistakes. She also never bothers to take a minute to think before she addresses basically anyone in her life. Kristen is, of course, repeating the same patterns on Twitter.

The latest scenario to showcase how tone-deaf she is, began with a simple tweet: “Idaho. Time to change your medical Marijuana laws. This country has much more important things to focus on. I’m so grossed out.” She’s making this too easy, right?

Kristen expounded on this tweet, sharing, “My younger brother lives in Idaho. Soldier. Crohns. Prefers not to be medicated with opiates. Speak before you think [emphasis mine] and when you do, please speak with kindness. You don’t always know people as you think you do and don’t know what other people are going through.” “Speak before you think” has to be her mantra. Typos aside, asking followers to “please speak with kindness” is incredibly rich coming from Kristen because she seems to only speak to people with anger and vitriol.


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She then tweeted clarification about her mistake in the previous tweet. “I think we all get that I was frustrated and clearly meant think before you speak. Thanks for pointing it out in attempt to embarrass me with your emojis. Be kind to someone tomorrow.” Again, TOO EASY. Does she understand how persecuted she sounds? She is not a victim of anything! You be kind to people, Kristen.

Some followers called out the obvious hypocrisy, and because she’s never one to be silent when she should, Kristen responded with, “I understand a handful of you feel I don’t have a ‘right’ to speak out about anything at all. Please click unfollow. I hope you’ll then use that same passion and find words to help someone, fight against something and make a change. [prayer hands emoji and heart emoji].” Not only is Kristen acknowledging that she was canceled by Bravo for saying and doing horribly inappropriate things, but she’s asking other people to make a change. Nope. Kristen, you are just not one to talk right now.


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After exhausting herself with defenses, she tweeted “goodnight” to her followers. The tweet included a quote from Lalah Delia, “she remembered who she was and the game changed.” Hilariously, the picture featuring the Delia quote spells her name incorrectly. Delia is a wellness educator, author, and Black activist. It isn’t clear if this is Kristen’s attempt to raise Black voices by including this tweet. Regardless, that quote is likely meaningful on a different level for Black women activists. Kristen tweeting it as a sort of defiant statement about who she is? Tone deaf.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]