Summer House
(Photo by: Clifton Prescod/Bravo via Getty Images)

Bombshell Moments from the Summer House Season 7 Reunion Part 1

Part I of the Summer House reunion kicked off on Monday, May 29 and the cast didn’t waste much time with pleasantries before diving into the drama. The hour-long episode covered a lot of ground, including whether Lindsay Hubbard knew about Carl Radke’s proposal and one cast member teased a potential romance between two cast members.

If you missed the drama-filled episode, don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are a few of the biggest bombshell moments from part I of the Summer House reunion.

Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke, & the Press

Not even 10 minutes into the May 29 episode, the Summer House cast began flinging accusations at their co-stars. One particular claim that caught fans’ attention was when Paige Desorbo accused Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke of telling the press that her boyfriend, Craig Conover, was thrown out of Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula’s wedding.

Paige clarified that Craig was not thrown out of the wedding but said she knew it was Lindsay and Carl who told the press. Carl and Lindsay defended themselves, telling Paige they were not the ones who leaked the story but the fashion savant seemed unconvinced. “They [direct message] bloggers all the time,” Paige told host Andy Cohen.

Chris Leoni Might Have Eyes for One of His Co-Stars

Newcomer Chris Leoni was unsuccessful at wooing Ciara Miller but he might have his eyes on another Summer House cast member.

During part I of the reunion, a fan wrote in asking Chris if he has an interest in Danielle Olivera or Mya Allen now that they are newly single. Paige took the opportunity to play matchmaker, stating, “I have seen the way Chris looks at Danielle and it is a little different.” Chris kept his cards close to his chest by simply replying, “We’ll see.”

Paige Desorbo Calls Lindsay Hubbard & Carl Radke “Pretty Fake”

Part I of the reunion proved Paige isn’t afraid to take on Summer House veterans Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke. After Andy Cohen read a fan question asking if the cast thinks Carl and Lindsay “put on a show for the cameras,” Paige replied, “I think they’re pretty fake.”

The “Giggly Squad” host added that she thinks everything the couple does is “premeditated.”

“I think they just lie and they spin everything,” she added.

Biggest Liar on Bravo

After Paige made her remarks about the couple, Carl shot back with a jab of his own, calling Paige’s boyfriend Craig “the biggest liar on Bravo.” Ouch. The dig seemed not to bother Paige, who shot back, “I love every single thing about that f***ing weirdo.”

Lindsay Hubbard Didn’t Know About the Engagement

Lindsay and Carl’s Season 7 engagement was greeted with a bit of criticism from a few of their Summer House co-stars. One of those cast members was Paige Desorbo. The Winter House star had her suspicions when it came to how surprised Lindsay was by the proposal. Paige said in a confessional she believed Lindsay knew about the proposal based on her outfit.

“When she asked me if I liked that dress, that was my tipoff because I’ve been in [the Summer House] for five years. She’s never asked me any fashion-related questions ever.”

Lindsay addressed the speculation, telling Andy she thought she was going to a bonfire with the whole cast. She explained her reasoning for picking the dress, telling Andy her co-stars told her they were wearing “elevated” looks to the gathering.

“You Threw a Shoe at a Producer”

Paige’s issue’s with Lindsay didn’t end with her engagement dress. After the proposal drama settled, Paige decided to share her true feelings about her co-star’s character.

“I judge my friends based on their character,” she began. “Based on how they treat people that can’t do anything for them. The way you treat production, the way you treat fans, even Andy [Cohen] knows you’re rude,” she said. She continued, “[Andy] had to yell at you at BravoCon for the way you speak to his employees.”

Paige finished her rant by saying, “You threw a shoe at a producer.” Lindsay did not confirm nor deny Paige’s claim about the shoe.