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‘You Can’t Pray That Type of Sickness Away’: Amy Duggar on Josh Duggar’s Crimes

The Duggar family dynasty has been falling ever since 2015. And with the release of a new Amazon Prime documentary promising to expose their darkest secrets, it’s safe to say there’s no redemption arc for this crew of 19. 

The family’s unique dynamic captivated audiences, supported by their quick rise to fame. In 2004, TLC premiered a special titled 14 Children and Pregnant Again!, which featured Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar raising 14 children, big and small, in Arkansas while preparing for another. Eventually, the TLC specials turned into a full-time reality series called 19 Kids and Counting. However, in 2015, after a police report outlined Josh Duggar’s alleged sexual assault of his sisters, their hidden scandals were finally exposed. 

Amy Duggar seemingly calls cousin Josh Duggar “sick”

Ahead of Prime’s new documentary, Shiny Happy People, Amy Duggar, the Duggar’s cousin, spoke with Access Hollywood about what audiences can expect from the upcoming film. Additionally, she took a moment to address Anna and Josh Duggar’s marriage with honesty, bravery, and openness. 

“The marriage that you have endured I’ll put it like that, isn’t true love. It’s not true love. Love doesn’t hurt like that,” Amy said. “I’ve reached out, I’ve tried. It breaks my heart to think about it, honestly, because I’ve tried.”

The former reality star admitted she’s tried reaching out via text and social media. “I don’t know if her phone is being monitored, and I don’t know if there’s control, like we were talking about too with IBLP on that as well,” she continued. 

After the 2015 allegations were made public, TLC rebranded 19 Kids and Counting and severed ties with Josh. As the family continued to film their new series, Counting On, Anna was not featured regularly; however, the network didn’t hide her either. 

The Duggar siblings have undoubtedly gone through copious amounts of trauma involving their brother Josh. In the end, Amy left his wife, Anna, with a powerful statement and an offering hand. 

“You can’t pray that away, you can’t pray that type of sickness away. And it’s just so sad, because I am here to help. I am here.”

Shiny Happy People is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.