The Bachelorette Charity Lawson and her cast of men
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Instagram Highlights from Bachelorette Charity Lawson’s Cast of Men

On June 26, Charity Lawson makes her debut as the lead of The Bachelorette, and she has 25 eager suitors ready to meet her. Charity made her Bachelor Nation debut on Zach Shallcross’ season of The Bachelor. She made it to hometowns but was eliminated before fantasy suites. Now, Charity is getting her own shot at finding love as the lead of her own season. There’s a lot to know about Bachelorette Charity Lawson’s men on Instagram, and these are the highlights.

Bachelorette Charity’s Cast of Men

The Bachelorette Charity Lawson in a promo photo
THE BACHELORETTE – ABC’s “The Bachelorette” stars Charity Lawson. (Sami Drasin/ABC via Getty Images)

Recent seasons have featured a bloated cast of suitors, with 30 singles looking to date the lead. However, this season, ABC has trimmed the cast down to 25, which seems like a much more reasonable number.

That’s still a lot of men to meet, and Charity will need laser focus to keep her eye on what she wants in a husband. Most of Charity’s men have been uncovered on Instagram, which contains telling information.

Aaron Bryant (29)

Aaron Bryant is a 29-year-old software salesman from San Diego, California, and according to ABC, he’s a man of many talents. His Instagram is surprisingly sparse, so Aaron B. doesn’t seem to be the influencer type.

A suave dresser, Aaron exudes an air of low-key elegance, and though he’s not as flashy as some of the other men, Aaron could sweep Charity off her feet.

Aaron Schwartzman (33)

Among Charity’s men, there are two Aarons, and these two even hail from the same city. Aaron Schwartzman is a 33-year-old firefighter from San Diego who has teased a “mysterious side” in his ABC bio.

Like his fellow Aaron, Aaron S. isn’t very active on Instagram, though his posting has picked up in recent weeks. Aaron S. seems to be very family oriented, active, and adventurous, and it remains to be seen if he’s the right match for Charity. 

Adrian (33)

Adrian from Charity Lawson's season of The Bachelorette
THE BACHELORETTE – ABCÕs ÒThe BacheloretteÓ stars Adrian. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

Not much has been uncovered about Adrian, the 33-year-old realtor from Northridge, California. According to his ABC bio, Adrian is a single father who grew up in a blended family.

Adrian recently went through a fitness transformation and now also works as a personal trainer to help others. If Adrian makes it past the first week on The Bachelorette, maybe fans will learn more about the single dad.

Brayden Bowers (24)

Brayden Bowers, a 24-year-old travel nurse from San Diego (apparently the casting director’s favorite city), has a lot to offer.

Until recently, Brayden was a member of the army, and his Instagram shows off his adventurous spirit. Brayden also has an adorable dog named River, and though he’s young, he claims to be ready for marriage.

Caleb Arthur (29)

Though he’s one of multiple Calebs among Charity’s men, Caleb Arthur is probably the hardest working. The 29-year-old resident physician works 80 hours a week. However, he still knows how to kick back and have fun on his time off.

Caleb A.’s Instagram is one of the most scarcely updated of any other cast member—probably because he’s so busy working. If Caleb A. can prove to Charity that he will make time for her, she may consider him a total catch.

Caleb Balgaard (24)

Unfortunately for Caleb Blagaard, he might have been cast as a quirky sacrificial lamb. Caleb B. is a 24-year-old professional wrestler, which makes him seem like one of the “joke” cast members that most seasons feature.

Though Caleb B.’s recent Instagram posts are primarily promos for his wrestling career, further scrolling reveals that he was a former baseball player as well. Perhaps there’s depth to Caleb B. that will keep Charity from sending him home night one.

Chris (27)

Chris from Charity Lawson's season of The Bachelorette
(Photo credit: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

Chris is another one of Charity’s men who may have been set up by producers to go home early. His job is listed by ABC as “world record jumper,” so it seems Chris may not have much going on career-wise.

However, his “joke” profession appears to be rooted in reality, as his bio claims Chris holds two Guinness World Records, for highest standing box jump and for highest standing backflip. Time will tell if Charity will be charmed by his records.

Dotun (30)

Dotun, a 30-year-old integrative medicine specialist, has a lot going on that might make Charity take notice. He moved to the U.S. as a child, and had a real zest for life.

Dotun is a big traveler, and, as evidenced by his Instagram, he is extremely health-conscious. Almost all his posts feature Dotun doing something active, and if Charity can keep up with him, there could be sparks between the two.

James Pierce (28)

James Pierce, a 28-year-old Midwestern attorney, describes himself as a true romantic, and is hoping to find something special with Charity. Another one of Bachelorette Charity’s men whose Instagram is meager, it seems that ABC has listened to criticism and is leaning away from casting so many influencers.

James’ few posts focus on his accomplishments, family, and love for traveling, but not much else.

Joe Menzia (32)

Joe Menzia is a 32-year-old tech operations director who considers himself to be adventurous, yet grounded. His Instagram demonstrates that Joe is certainly well-traveled, and loves to get out and do something fun.

Joe also flaunts his body on Instagram, so it’s clear he spends just as much time in the gym as he does traveling.

Joey Graziadei (27)

Joey Graziadei is a true free spirit. The 27-year-old tennis pro decided to ditch corporate life and moved to Hawaii to live a more laid-back lifestyle. However, that’s not to say he isn’t looking for someone to settle down with.

Joey’s Instagram is a joy to scroll through, as a major component are gorgeous photos of his new home. 

John Buresh (27)

John Buresh, a 27-year-old data scientist from New York City may impress Charity with his intelligence alone. But John also boasts a fun side to him when he’s not working.

On John’s Instagram, he appears to be a devoted friend and an avid traveler. Though John is another one of Charity’s men who haven’t been very active on social media.

John Henry (30)

While John Henry is looking for love with Charity, his heart is with the ocean. The 30 year old works as an underwater welder, and John Henry’s Instagram shows how exciting and potentially dangerous his job is.

John Henry is hoping that Charity will love the water as much as he does, or else they probably won’t work out.

Josh Young (28)

Josh Young is someone who cares about others and wants to make the world a better place. According to his ABC bio, 28-year-old Josh left a lucrative career and prestigious grad program to work for a nonprofit organization building international affordable housing.

As one can tell from his Instagram, religious Josh is looking for someone family oriented and charitable, which he hopes to find in Charity.

Kaleb Kim (26)

Though he was formerly a football player, Kaleb Kim now works as a construction salesman. The 26 year old considers himself to be an extremely attentive partner and is looking to settle down.

Kaleb’s Instagram is also quite sparse, and he’s only posted twice this year. Most of his older posts depict his football years, and it’s clear that was something he was passionate about.

Khalid (28)

Khalid from Charity Lawson's season of The Bachelorette
(Photo credit: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

Khalid describes himself as a true romantic, and the 28-year-old Muslim man is also very family oriented. Though he’s not currently working, he used to be a tech recruiter. Unfortunately, Khalid’s Instagram has not been uncovered, and it’s unclear if he has what it takes to woo Charity.

Michael (28)

Michael from Charity Lawson's season of The Bachelorette
(Photo credit: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

As a yacht captain, Michael might find that he relates strongly to fellow cast member John Henry’s love for the water. The 28 year old is also a mystery when it comes to social media. Michael believes in reciprocal relationships and wants a big family one day. Perhaps he will find what he’s looking for in Charity.

Nick (32)

Nick from Charity Lawson's season of The Bachelorette
(Photo credit: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

Nick, a 32-year-old HR executive, may not have been found on Instagram yet, but he will bring an adventurous and heartfelt energy to The Bachelorette. According to his bio, Nick is a world traveler who is finally ready to settle down—hopefully with Charity.

Nick has still not been found on Instagram, so fans will have to wait till night one to learn more about him.

Peter (33)

Peter from Charity Lawson's season of The Bachelorette
(Photo credit: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

Bachelor Nation fans may feel déjà vu when Peter, a 33-year-old airline pilot, steps out of the limo on night one. Like previous Bachelor, Peter Weber, Charity’s Peter is also a commercial pilot with a positive attitude.

Peter is described as very religious, and he hopes he can find his spiritual equal in Charity. Perhaps his faith is keeping him off Instagram, because he’s nowhere to be found on social media, yet.

Sean McLaughlin (25)

Sean McLaughlin, a 25-year old software sales rep, is a hard worker who just bought his first house, which he’s looking to make into a home. He hopes to find his other half in Charity, as Sean is ready to settle down.

Based on his Instagram, Sean seems to enjoy a laid back lifestyle, which may appeal to Charity.

Spencer Storbeck (32)

Spencer Storbeck is another single father in Charity’s cast of men, and he’s hoping to find a great stepmom for his son. On Instagram, 32-year-old Spencer demonstrates a silly sense of humor, and there’s a lot more variety in his posts than many of his castmates.

More likely to show off Captain America’s shield than a six-pack, Spencer could be extremely refreshing for both Charity and viewers.

Tanner Courtad (30)

Tanner Courtad is a major dog lover, so hopefully Charity isn’t allergic. The 30-year-old fitness instructor loves to keep active, which is clear from Tanner’s Instagram. Many of his posts show him working with clients in the gym, but it seems he also knows how to relax when he’s not working.

Charity might take a shine to Tanner, if she can keep up with him.

Taylor Pegg (32)

Taylor Pegg, a 32-year-old “goofball,” has admitted that he’s not the best when it comes to romantic gestures, but he does try. Another gym rat, Taylor’s Instagram is filled with photos of him in the gym.

But that’s not all he features on social media. Taylor is also, clearly, wild about his adorable dog, Alfred. By the looks of Alfred, who wouldn’t be.

Warwick Reider (27)

Describing himself as very family oriented, 27-year-old Warwick Reider feels a deep connection to his Japanese roots. Though Warwick isn’t very active on Instagram, it’s clear that he values his friendships.

In fact, his only post this year is a tribute to a late friend, and Warwick has a big heart. Charity could take note of Warwick’s caring nature and keep him around for a while.

Xavier Bonner (27)

Xavier Bonner seems to be more career-minded than social media-minded, as his LinkedIn page is much more substantial than his Instagram account. While his Instagram has just a few, albeit interesting, photos, 27-year-old Xavier’s career is much more detailed.

Xavier has been dedicated to his education, and is currently a PhD Candidate in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of North Carolina. Xavier is obviously a hard worker, and he might seem very impressive to Charity.

There’s a lot to be learned about Bachelorette Charity Lawson’s men on Instagram. The number of men in her cast who aren’t wannabe influencers may signal a welcome change in the franchise.