Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown
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Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Allowed ‘Outside Voices’ To Affect Her

Meri Brown of Sister Wives has been having a hard time lately. Her transition away from longtime husband Kody Brown has been “challenging” and she’s still sorting it all out.

The couple was married for over 30 years, but that 30 years couldn’t keep them together.  She felt a mix of emotions and is still going through it. Even though, the couple opted to go on television – opening up their lifestyle to the world – Meri is still navigating how to tune the haters out and pay it no mind.

TikTok moment

She’s venting, to say the least, and we hope she keeps taking steps to move forward because listening to the haters is no place to be. Meri says, “We let the voices of everybody else but ourselves get in our head and influence what we think and how we feel.” Hopefully, Meri feels a little lighter after letting it out and can move past this.

She admits, “I think it’s really easy to let social media comments or just other people’s opinions affect your mood … affect your productivity.” It is really easy. That’s why it’s about letting it go in one ear and out the other. Especially as a television personality that gets mixed reactions.

Meri did say that she takes time outdoors to decompress and that she doesn’t shy away from her human emotions. She feels the full weight of them. This a good step, but don’t lean into the judgment of others or the judgment our thoughts create. Otherwise, it will affect our ability to understand and transform them.

She notes this in a way, saying, “So what I do in those moments is come to a place that brings me peace” in nature. “And I just allow myself to feel the feelings with no judgment for myself.” Yes! Now find your way to create that peace within and live it.

Time to let go

Clearly, it is time for Meri to let go of what she’s been feeling, and the weight she’s holding – in entertaining other people’s opinions. Yes, it can be a bit of a shock in the way people attack online, but there is nothing to be taken from it if a person doesn’t take the judgment.

Meri said, “I don’t have a magic formula.” Keep going, Meri! There are “magic formulas,” but they take time and work. And we have to go out and find it in our journeys and personal experience first!

Season 18 of Sister Wives will premiere later this year on TLC. Kody’s relationships are falling apart one by one.