Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas
(Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)

Teresa Giudice on Pizzagate: ‘I Was Doing What Luis Ruelas Told Me to Do’

Is Pizzagate coming down to what Teresa Giudice says, “Luis (Ruelas) told me to do?” Is that ultimately, Teresa’s side of the story – that she was doing what she was told? And that she freely did so, after following what Juicy Joe Giudice told her to do all those years ago? Because the feds came knocking after that. And she knows by now – you have to read the contracts. Have to! Especially, when it’s somehow connected to Real Housewives of New Jersey.

I need a location on the ovens

Who knew some pizza ovens stashed in Luis’ warehouse were going to cause so much trouble, but they have. And after Joe Gorga wanted to create a tribute to his dear father – the only man we’ve probably ever seen him cry over. Shame.

But here we are again. Conflict, pizzas, and Teresa doing what she was told to. What’s being said? Two totally different stories are coming out on the RHONJ After Show. Teresa’s side reads like she doesn’t know what’s going on. As if she was out of the loop and she is only repeating back what she knows.

The other side

Melissa Gorga’s story however, sounds exactly like what Dana Wilkey found out in her New Jersey sleuthing. What does Dana have to do with it? Nothing – she just has contacts, and it’s aligning with what Melissa said. So, either Dana’s contacts are Team Gorga, or something stinks at the head.

Also, Teresa wants to keep on with this narrative that Luis lost $270,000. But did he really? Can we get some verification from the nephew who ordered the pizza ovens? If they were delivered, that’s supposed to be roughly $100k of the investment sitting there – ready to be sold and cooked by America’s pizza lovers.

We need corroboration on someone’s story here. Either way though, Luis isn’t looking so great to the fans.

Real Housewives of New Jersey wrapped for the season, but they won’t be gone for long. Hopefully soon we’ll know who’s in and who’s out of casting.