Temptation Island Season 5 Episode 2 Recap
(l-r) Christopher Wells, Roberto Maldonado -- (Photo by: USA Network)

Temptation Island Season 5, Episode 2 Recap: Tiki Lights and Freaky Nights

Temptation Island is a whole-ass mess. That’s my verdict, just two episodes into Season 5. Granted, this is the first season of the show I’ve ever watched. But when comparing it to the likes of Love Island? It’s a whole other beast. For that, we should all be grateful. Who can resist the drama and the chaos that a reality show like this brings? Not me! Consider me completely addicted. Now, let’s delve into Episode 2…

Christopher apologizes as the couples are torn apart

Temptation Island Season 5 Episode 2 Recap
(l-r) Roberto Maldonado, Vanessa Valente — (Photo by: USA Network)

It’s time to say goodbye for the couples. Host Mark Walberg tells them that they will finally be separated in the guys’ villa, and ladies’ villa. Not before they get one last chance to tell each other some final thoughts, of course. This could be the last time they’re together as a couple.

Christopher apologizes to an emotional Marisela. He basically outed her as being into women in the first episode, and she hasn’t even had a chance to tell her family. In confessional, she says that this experience is about finding her voice, and speaking for herself. Hopefully, she can do that while maintaining a relationship with the man she loves.

After spending the night with a group of sexy singles, Hall says that his fiancée Kaitlin is, “for the first time in a while … looking at me like she wanted me.” He likes the passion behind her eyes, and she certainly did NOT like watching him getting to know some new women.

Meanwhile, Paris admits she had a good connection with single man Tahjjic. She even goes into detail, saying she felt wobbly and “dumb” around him. Pouring salt into the wound, Paris says she was experiencing a different feeling with Tahjjic than she does with her boyfriend, Great.

She’s not the only one with someone in her sights. Vanessa admits she feels like a “cougar” around the young singles. “Someone caught my eye,” she says. Roberto sits in stunned silence. When they say their goodbyes, however, he promises not to “disrespect” Vanessa. She says she trusts him: “You’re everything to me.” We’ll see…

The singles return once the couples are separated

(l-r) Tia Hairston, Nzubechukwu “Great” Ezihie, Nafeesah Terry, Desiree Almeida, Hall Toledano, Makayla Halstead, Marjorie Guaracho — (Photo by: USA Network)

Once the couples have been split into their respective villas, the singles return. Without their partners around, the conversation flows a lot easier. 24-year-old Tahjjic in particular enters the ladies’ villa with a real confidence. “Who doesn’t like abs?” he asks in confessional. Back in the villa, he sits next to Paris. She wonders if he’s an “angel,” and is already melting whenever he speaks.

Christopher has a game plan. He wants to be the “big bro” to all of the single girls. He’s excited to “build friendships.” When he talks to 22-year-old Abby, however, he can’t help but flirt. He calls her a “queen,” and she’s confident the two will go on a date.

Hall is also feeling the pressure. He recognizes 24-year-old Makayla as the “easiest one to talk to,” and she says he reminds her of family. That “homely” feel has her excited. But with Hall being engaged, is she looking for love in the wrong place?

Will you go on a date with me?

(l-r) Abby Ryan, Marjorie Guaracho, Nafeesah Terry, Makayla Halstead, Desiree Almeida, Tamie Lawson, Roberto Maldonado, Alexius Adams — (Photo by: USA Network)

The super awkward nature of Temptation Island is turned up to 11, when the couples are brought back together. No, the show hasn’t ended prematurely. Instead, they’ll have to ask one of the single men or women to go on a date with them, in front of their partners.

Thankfully, every date is accepted. Vanessa isn’t impressed with Roberto’s choice of Marjorie, however. She was feeling some kind of way about her attitude. Speaking in front of the group, Vanessa calls her “stank,” but Marjorie claps back that she’s just a “hater.”

Paris also hopes to get in on the drama. She calls Great “my ex,” before correcting herself. She’s not happy that he picked Nafeesah, and thinks he is only doing it to play a game, because she didn’t pick Tahjjic, despite expressing interest. A weird thing to be mad about, but you do you, Paris.

Abby later confronts Christopher. She doesn’t want to look stupid, and wonders why he didn’t pick her to go on a date. He explains in confessional that he is “scared” by their connection. He didn’t expect to vibe with somebody, especially this early on. They have a mutual interest in one another, and that’s only going to grow as the experiment continues.

Twerking, body shots, and dares

Temptation Island Season 5 Episode 2 Recap
(l-r) Tamie Lawson, Nafeesah Terry, Alexius Adams, Marjorie Guaracho, Makayla Halstead, Tia Hairston — (Photo by: USA Network)

The guys’ villa are enjoying a Tiki party. Each of them sit in a chair, while the single ladies put on a show. This involves plenty of twerking, and a couple of lap dances. Honestly, for me, this is all crossing a line already. Hall especially is enjoying himself way too much.

Over at the ladies’ villa, it’s Drink or Dare time. Dares range from expressing a favorite sexual position, to revealing a body count. Vanessa is left stunned when Bryce, who she is set to go on a date with, reveals he has slept with 93 women. I’m just shocked that this man is keeping a tally. It reeks of childish behavior.

Roberto’s lips get a little loose when he and some of the other guys and single ladies head to the jacuzzi. He admits that he’s always left feeling embarrassed by Vanessa’s antics. When one of the single women cuts him off multiple times, he gets emotional and angry. He demands to be listened to rather than interrupted. He then cries in confessional: “I’m not being heard, I’m not being appreciated.” He’s talking about his relationship with Vanessa, of course. This was just the trigger that set him off.

The dates begin

(l-r) Kristian Barbarich, Griffin Grady, Tahjjic Smith, Christian Tesoriero, Michael Zappa, Sebastian Baraza, Julian Bradley, Desiree Almeida, Marjorie Guaracho, Makayla Halstead, Tamie Lawson, Alexius Adams, Mark L. Walberg, Marisela Figueroa — (Photo by: USA Network)

Christopher is excited to get to know Alexius. Their connection is definitely deeper than that between Roberto and Marjorie, who immediately put one another in the friendzone.

Hall continues to show his red flags, as he worries about how much fun he has on the date with Mikayla. They talk about family, and wanting children. It’s very deep for a first date, but their chemistry is undeniable. “She might be the test, which scares me a lot,” he says in confessional.

His fiancée Kaitlin also opens up more than she expects, while chatting to Mike. He’s a “charmer,” but they definitely appear to be friendly rather than romantic.

Temptation Island Season 5 continues Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA, streaming next day on Peacock.