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Real Housewives of New York Newbies Reveal Who Reached Out To Offer Advice

The ladies of the Big Apple are back! Oh wait, but they’re not. We’re getting the new era of Real Housewives of New York, and they are taking over. They’re hustling in the city, they’re working moms, and they want you to know.

All the ladies recently talked the talk to Cosmopolitan on what they are all about, the new season, and how they fit in compared to the RHONY: Legacy cast. In other words, they talked up their cast, dished on the seasoned vets, and gave us some “clip, clip,” of their own.

Who called?

Ubah Hassan said Ramona Singer called, and “We met … and she asks, ‘Are you married?’ and I said no and she was like, ‘Forget it after this show’ … it was hilarious … I tell boys now, you got to put a ring on it because my price is about to go up.”

Brynn Whitfield added, “I talked to Lisa Vanderpump … I knew her prior to the show because her daughter is my good friend. She said be yourself and have fun. Just enjoy it.” Sage advice from LVP.

Erin Dana Lichy then said, “Sai [De Silva] and I had lunch with Jill Zarin and her daughter Ally (Zarin) and then I ended up driving Ally to this party downtown, like … I’m her mother!”

And what about the househusbands? Erin says, “Joey Gorga called my husband Abe (Lichy) and …was amazing,” saying “You better watch your wife! Better make sure it doesn’t go to her head!” He went on, “Get all the guys drunk, get them trashed!”

And last, but not least – the mystery wife. Apparently, someone was not so nice, but mum is the word. Three ladies chimed, and Jenna Lyons even referred to her as “salty.” Hmm, who do you think it is?

Overall, Sai said they all reiterated “the same thing: Be true to yourself because the audience will see right through you.” Yes, we’ll be watching – and taking notes like “writer girl.”

Who is a smelly old stiletto?

First off, Jenna described the old cast as “aspirational Upper East Side enclave.” Aspirational? The Morgan Letters and Zarin Fabrics would disagree, but please, go on. Erin, seconded with a “the women before us … how do I say this nicely? They’re grown. I work like crazy. I have three kids.” Grown as opposed to FILL IN THE BLANK here Erin.

As for what they do, as opposed to the past crew, Sai says, “We didn’t get up and marry rich men and hang out on our yachts. We work.” Preach ladies because the success of Skinny Girl, Dorinda Medley’s cashmere company, and Mrs. I Speak Three Languages and was famous in Italia can’t hear you in the back.

Jessel Taank understands though, “As women, you want to be supportive of one another. Putting other women down is so boring.” Here’s hoping the new ladies are giving “be cool” and “money can’t buy you class” type of fun here.

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