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Lisa and Lenny Hochstein’s Prenup Revealed: Demands Lisa Move Out of Marital Home

The divorce between Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein and boob god Dr. Lenny Hochstein is beyond messy. Lisa learned about the divorce in the press. Meanwhile, Lenny was already allegedly dating his new 26-year-old girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa. He claimed that he didn’t cheat on Lisa, but Lisa disagreed.

Lenny wanted Lisa and their two children to vacate the luxurious $52 million home where the family resided. Lenny filed court papers in June 2022 which stated, “The Wife has indicated she currently does not intend to vacate the Marital Home.” So, Lenny requested that the court “enter an Order that establishes a date certain the Wife will vacate the residence in accordance with the Prenuptial Agreement.”

Now Lenny decided to share the details of the couple’s prenuptial agreement. And it was very interesting. Page Six has all the details.

Why did Lisa sign this prenup?

According to the prenup, Lisa did agree to vacate their home within 30 days of a divorce filing. But, as RHOM fans know, Lisa is fighting to invalidate the document.

But there are plenty of juicy details in the paperwork. If the couple’s marriage made it to the 10-year mark, Lenny would pay Lisa $1.5 million. He must tack on an additional $200,000 for each year after the tenth. The couple was married for 12 years before Lenny surprised Lisa with the divorce filing.

If Lisa “accepts” the divorce and doesn’t fight it, Lenny would fork over $10,000 per month in temporary support. Lenny was also supposed to kick in “a minimum” of $2,000 per year to his wife’s retirement fund. And he would pay Lisa $1,000 per week to “spend as she sees fit.”

The prenup, which was signed on October 15, 2009, stated that Lisa could keep all jewelry and gifts that she received from Lenny. Although that allowance stopped when he filed for divorce.

At the time the prenup was signed, Lisa was listed as unemployed and had $317,068 in assets. That included her engagement ring from Lenny, which was valued at $110,000. Meanwhile, Lenny’s assets totaled almost $16 million.

The divorce drags on

A judge ruled in April 2023 that Lenny would pay Lisa $8,000 per month. He has accused his ex of draining him financially. Lisa is also facing financial issues. She supposedly owes her attorneys $85,000 amid the drama-filled divorce.

And in May 2023, police were called to the estranged couple’s home. Lenny alleged that Lisa “pushed him physically.” In Lisa’s version of events, Lenny reportedly entered her bedroom while she wasn’t fully dressed. And “refused to leave while calling me names in front of the children and taunting me.”

I expected that maybe Lenny would be a bit more generous in the prenup. What about the kids? But Lenny always manages to sink below my lowest expectations.