Todrick Hall lawsuit furniture bill
Photo Credit: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Todrick Hall Fighting Lawsuit Accusing Him of Refusing to Pay $126k Furniture Bill

Once again, Todrick Hall is in the middle of some mess. As if his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother didn’t cause enough controversy for a lifetime, the YouTuber and performer has now landed in court for an unpaid bill.

Of course, this isn’t the first time he’s come under fire for allegedly not paying money that’s owed. From backup dancers to his Los Angeles landlord, there have been plenty of stories surrounding Todrick’s tendencies to supposedly leave an invoice unpaid. According to Radar Online, Todrick’s latest legal trouble scandal stems from a pricey bill from a furniture store, and they’re determined to get their money.

Another day, another lawsuit

Todrick’s latest lawsuit comes from a furniture company called Showroom Interiors. The company claims that they delivered $196,748 worth of furniture and home goods to his rental home in Sherman Oaks, California, all the way back in 2021.

Can we all agree that paying six figures for furniture in a rental home is a little absurd? This could have all been avoided if he had just shopped at IKEA like everyone else.

Either way, Todrick allegedly paid around $70,000 toward his furniture bill. But when his November 2021 invoice came around, he is accused of stopping payment. Do the math real quick, and that means he would still owe about $126,000 towards the furniture. Since we’re almost two years past the time he got the furniture, the company has taken the issue to court, hoping to get their coins back.

It’s unclear if this furniture and artwork are still used in Todrick’s rental. But in a legal filing, he denied any wrongdoing. According to him, Showroom Interiors breached their end of the deal, so he doesn’t actually owe them any money.

His petition argued, “[Showroom Interiors] breached by not performing its performance obligations contemplated by the contract at issue and/or the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing and, therefore, terminated [Todrick’sTodrick’s] performance obligations prior to [Showroom Interiors] terminating his payments.”

Oddly enough, the rental home where this furniture was delivered is also at the center of a separate lawsuit. Todrick’s landlord sued him for $60,000 in alleged unpaid rent. So, he has nearly $200,000 of furniture in a rental home where he allegedly owes $60,000.

Todrick is hoping to get all of these cases thrown out. But a Celebrity Big Brother payday might have been a helpful way to get out of the red. No wonder his gameplay was so intense.