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Celebrity Big Brother Alum Todrick Hall Sued For $60K In Back Rent

Entertainer Todrick Hall played an aggressive game on Celebrity Big Brother. He formed an early alliance with Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Cynthia Bailey, Shanna Moakler, and Queer Eye star Carson Kressley. That didn’t last long as Todrick moved on to form a power couple with Miesha Tate.

Todrick made some straight-up savage moves on CBB. He convinced Carson and Cynthia to backdoor their own ally, Shanna. He told them that Shanna was coming after Carson, and by evicting Shanna, the duo saved Miesha. The same Miesha who repeatedly tried to send Carson home. Carson apologized to Shanna for sending her home, as did Cynthia.

It all came down to Miesha and Todrick as the final two, and Miesha won seven out of the eight jury votes to claim victory. Cynthia voted for Todrick, but she was the only player who didn’t have the chance to review footage from the season before voting.


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The jury was pretty angry at Todrick. After Todrick mentioned NSYNC star Chris Kirkpatrick’s son on CBB, he slammed Todrick as “a bully.” Actor Todd Bridges said that “Todrick played an evil game.” Todrick canceled all interviews that were scheduled to happen right after the finale.

On March 12, 2002, Todrick finally addressed his Big Brother experience with an Instagram post. Todrick wrote, “This has been the hardest month and 1/2 of my life, but tonight my 7th World Tour kicks off in Seattle. I haven’t avoided press because I’m afraid to comment on my experience on big brother, but more to protect myself and my mental health to make sure I could actually get my show on stage and fulfill my obligations to my fans and my PAID employees,” he added.

“I am a human being, a real one…I’m not always nice, not always kind nor have I ever claimed to be,” Todrick said. “I’m very flawed, I’m a work in progress, but that’s the beauty of being human.”


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US Weekly reported that Todrick is now being sued for sued for $60,000 in back rent that he owes his landlords. According to the lawsuit, Todrick agreed to pay $30,000 a month in rent for the home in Sherman Oaks, California. The home boasts five bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

On March 3, 2022, Orna and Avi Lavian, the owners of the house, served Todrick with a pay or quit notice. According to the civil complaint, which was submitted to the court by the Lavian’s attorney on March 29, 2022, the notice was given to another occupant of the home.

The plaintiffs are seeking the past due rental fees for February and March of 2022, which totals $60,000. They are also requesting forfeiture of the agreement, damages at the rate of $1,000 per day, reasonable attorney fees, and “all other relief the court deems just and reasonable.”


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Todrick often mentioned his home while on CBB. He also previously gave a tour of the home in a YouTube video. But the title of the video was “Bought My DREAM Home!!! FULL TOUR.” Maybe Todrick should have let his landlords know that he bought the place.

In the video, Todrick stated, “I have been wanting to buy a home for a very long time and this is a dream come true. I saw over 50 homes and decided to get this one. When I saw this one, I fell in love,” the singer and dancer added. The video, which was posted in February of 2021, has been viewed over 500,000 times.

Last fall, Todrick allegedly had several cast members from Season 23 of Big Brother stay at his home while he was out of town. That is an interesting twist.

US Weekly reached out to Todrick for comment.


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