Which Too Hot To Handle Couples Are In Serious Relationships In 2023?

Emily Miller & Cam Holmes
(Photo credit: Netflix/YouTube)

Too Hot To Handle Season 5 is right around the corner, which means it’s time to check in on how the couples from the past seasons are fairing. The upcoming season of Too Hot To Handle will premiere on Netflix on July 14. Until then, there are still several franchise relationships that are still intact. Meanwhile, some Too Hot To Handle alumni are getting serious with their outside partners, though the majority of hotties remain single.

Emily Miller & Cam Holmes

Cam Holmes/Instagram

Emily Miller and Cam Holmes are the reigning Too Hot To Handle golden couple. The British beauties appeared on Too Hot To Handle Season 2 and won over the hearts of viewers, while Cam placed second. Emily and Cam immediately got together after the show and moved in, which led to them sharing their romance on social media for their millions of fans.

Over the years, Emily and Cam have experienced many issues in their romance. They appear to have split at certain times, as well as have been rocked by cheating scandals. However, they appear to still be together in 2023. Both Cam and Emily have been through a lot together, including pregnancy loss.

Kayla Richart & Seb Melrose

Seb Melrose/Instagram

Kayla Richart and Seb Melrose are another Too Hot To Handle couple who are still together in 2023. The duo appeared on Too Hot To Handle Season 4 and actually split after their season, as Kayla lives in Los Angeles and race car driver Seb hails from Scotland. However, they ended up getting back together when their THTH season aired.

Kayla and Seb shared that they are deeply in love and were only separated by distance. However, some viewers have questioned if they fake their romance for clout. The couple have received significant social media attention for dating. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the influencers to continue dating on social media.

Kevin Nije & Emely Kopf

Kevin Nije/Instagram

If the names Kevin Nije and Emely Kopf don’t sound familiar, that is because they appeared on Too Hot To Handle: Germany. However, this couple is very significant in the franchise, as they provided Lana with her first THTH child. The stars became parents after their season, to the shock of viewers, as they had a very tight timeline between filming and Emely welcoming her child to the world.

Due to their contracts, Emely and Kevin had to keep their big news a secret for some time. That meant the expecting mama had to hide her pregnancy from her followers. However, Kevin and Emely are now able to announce that not only did they remain together after their season, but they are also the proud parents of a baby girl. Emely and Kevin showed the most growth and change out of any THTH couple.

Francesca Farago & Jessie Sulli

Francesca Farago/Instagram

Too Hot To Handle season 1 star Francesca Farago was engaged to her boyfriend, Harry Jowsey, for a hot minute. However, all THTH fans know this relationship went up in flames. Harry was most recently linked to Season 4 cast member Georgia Hassarati, his on-again-off-again girlfriend. Meanwhile, Francesca is is now engaged to her boyfriend, Jessie Sulli.

Jessie is not a Too Hot To Handle cast member. However, Francesca did discuss him when she appeared on Perfect Match Season 1, another Netflix reality TV dating show. Since Francesca is the most popular Too Hot To Handle cast member of all time, many viewers are interested in her relationship status, especially since the Canadian reality TV villain appears to be soon tying the knot.