Captain Sandy Yawn Below Deck Med
Photo by: Laurent Basset/Bravo via Getty Images

Former Below Deck Med Chef Claims Captain Sandy Has ‘Qualified Captains’ With Her When Filming

Captain Sandy Yawn is a controversial figure in the Below Deck franchise. Back when she first appeared on Below Deck Mediterranean, many found her leadership style distasteful, especially compared to the likes of other franchise captains.

That being said, she isn’t always completely out of line. Most captains probably wouldn’t have much patience for a chef who faked a knee injury to get out of work, which is exactly what Mathew Shea did.

While Mathew proved himself to be a great chef, he certainly wasn’t putting his best foot forward with his ‘injury.’ Captain Sandy wanted him gone, but Covid constraints apparently made that difficult. Their feud has raged on ever since, and now, Mathew’s got more to add.

Is Captain Sandy a fraud?

Katie Flood shared a post on Instagram with Malia White and Alex Propson, asking her followers whether Below Deck Sailing Yacht or Below Deck Med was the better show. Mathew was among the first to comment, writing, “Sailing … because [Captain Glenn Shephard is] a real captain not just a tv captain.”

One fan was quick to respond, “you would definitely know someone that’s faking it … how’s your knee BTW?” Mathew responded and clarified “[Knee’s] good! I’ve sailed across the Atlantic with Glenn. Sandy works 6 weeks a year on a boat only while show is filming and there’s always qualified captains off camera in the bridge with her.”

While these are pretty heavy accusations, most fans would probably be inclined to believe Mathew, if only because of the general distaste for Captain Sandy. But let’s not forget that Mathew has some personal stake in this. The man has a pretty clear vendetta against Sandy. So perhaps we ought to take what he says with a grain of salt.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8 will reportedly air at the end of this year.