Tamra Judge
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Tamra Judge Doesn’t Blame Heather Dubrow for Feeling Left Out

Real Housewives of Orange Country stars Heather Dubrow, Tamra Judge, and Shannon Beador have a strange friendship triangle. It’s already caused drama in Season 17.

On the July 12, 2023 episode of RHOC, Heather expressed her concerns of being left out as a friend between Tamra and Shannon, who rekindled their friendship during the cast trip to Montana after over two years apart. While Tamra claimed Heather was jealous, Shannon snapped back at the latter for trying to drive a wedge in the friendship.

Tamra took to her Instagram Stories to clear the air and claimed that she didn’t purposely leave Heather out. Considering you called “bullsh*t” on your co-star’s feelings in a confessional, you can’t have it both ways, Tamra.

Tamra Judge says she had no intention in leaving Heather Dubrow out

Talk about a pointless narrative! I’m not sure what this little feud added to the series. For those who are unaware, Heather said she was feeling left out. Tamra and Shannon didn’t take well to those accusations. They pointed out that Heather had been spending time with them and that they never purposely left her out.

Tamra, for her part, felt that Heather was jealous. Even after the latter claimed that it was her own issue and had nothing to do with them, Shannon called her out for trying to make it an issue when she and Tamra had recently rekindled their friendship.

You’re missing the point, Shannon. I feel Heather was justified in expressing her insecurities. The whole situation was just grossly misinterpreted.

Tamra admits she has no hard feelings

As Tamra answered fan questions, she said she didn’t blame Heather for her feelings. The RHOC star said, “Those are her feelings and she made it quite clear those are her feelings and that’s how she felt and I can’t blame anybody for how they feel.”

However, she also made clear that neither she nor Shannon had any intention to leave their castmate out. The reality star noted that Heather was in the room prior and the ladies were having fun.

Tamra felt it was the moment when Heather came to return her flatiron and saw her curling Shannon’s hair would she have felt left out. The star said, “But no intention whatsoever. We had a great time I felt like.”

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