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Jeana Keough’s Daughter Kara Pregnant With 4th Child

Tragedy struck the Keough family when former Real Housewives of Orange County star Kara Keough Bosworth lost her newborn son McCoy in 2020 after a traumatic and damaging labor. The daughter of former RHOC original star Jeana Keough grieved the horrific tragedy in the best way she could manage. She was already a mother to daughter Decker, so she and her husband, Kyle Bosworth, had to keep it together for the sake of their little family.

Kara went on to give birth to Vaughn in 2021. Her joy was mixed with the ever-present grief of having lost her first-born son. And these are the feelings Kara still struggles with, understandably, three years later.

Kara is “cautious” to “let the excitement fully absorb”

Kara took to Instagram to announce her fourth pregnancy with a series of sweet family photos. In a heartbreaking and poignant message, the RHOC alum ran the full gamut of emotions. And her late son is still very much a part of the family’s life.

“After McCoy died, sharing my sorrow with you all helped. Grieving out loud helped me name my feelings and confront them. Like a monster under the bed, they felt less scary in the daylight. Like maybe they couldn’t drag me down and eat me alive if I kept them well-lit. So I hung my heart out for all to see, and swept exactly none of the much under any damn rugs,” Kara began her message.

She recalled fearing another tragedy while pregnant with her son Vaughn.

“I stuck my head in the sand and just prayed to God that our baby would live – even though I reminded myself every day that he might not,” Kara wrote.

With Vaughn’s successful birth behind her now, Kara cautiously engages in more positive emotions. She continued, “THIS time, we want to celebrate every second we have with this soul.”

“It SHOULD be a happy occasion that they’re getting another sibling. For me, there’s just a cautious reluctance to let the excitement fully absorb. But I can’t deny that it feels right that those that have sat with us on our grieving bench should have a seat in our joyous swings too,” the RHOC alum added.

Kara concluded her message with the following proclamation, “I’m proud and scared as hell to announce Baby Bosworth #4 – due in November.”

Friends and followers flooded her social media page with words of support. Hopefully, Kara is able to enjoy the remainder of the pregnancy and get all the support and security she needs from medical caregivers, family, and friends.

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