Kyle Richards
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

Kyle Richards Doubles Down: ‘Divorce Is Not Being Discussed’

Kyle Richards is putting all speculation to rest. Again. Her alleged split with husband Mauricio Umansky became the talk of town once it was reported on the Fourth of July. This left fans heartbroken and in no mood for any celebration. Although the couple soon clarified that any news of them getting a divorce was “untrue,” the RHOBH star chose to speak up once more.

During her recent Amazon Live, the reality star opened up about her current position with Mauricio. Kyle revealed that the couple had to quickly release a statement about having “a tough year” after the split was reported. She further said, “We made a point to say that divorce is not being discussed.”

Looks like they’re trying to work it out after all! Good for them. It’s safe to say fans can relax for now, until they watch the season to know more about what led to the drama.

Kyle and Mauricio were left with no choice

Soon after the split was announced, Kyle and Mauricio took to Instagram and denied claims of divorce. The pair acknowledged that they faced the toughest year in their marriage and requested to work it all out privately.

Kyle, if you thought the discerning eye of the public would stop, you don’t know them well enough. Amid the split news, multiple rumors about the RHOBH star’s relationship with country singer Morgan Wade began to circulate.

The reality star acknowledged that the couple didn’t really have a choice but to release the statement. As much as they would’ve like to work things out “without everybody kind of watching and weighing in on it,” that’s not how things panned out.

Kyle, however, mentioned that the entire family felt better after putting the statement went public. She said, “So many people were speculating and making up stories and it was just getting out of control.”

The RHOBH cast member also reflected on the time she was spotted without a wedding ring on. Paps never miss! This only added fuel to the fire. Kyle decided it was time to address this incident in her live.

The star shot down assumptions that she didn’t have the ring on because they were facing marital issues. Clarifying the reason behind the same, she said, “I didn’t have my ring on because I lift weights and it will bend the ring, ruin the ring, and it hurts! So I take the ring off when I’m lifting weights.”

If you think you’ve seen the last of the ring fiasco, Bravo has other ideas. Kyle revealed that the cameras caught the drama and the ring incident “sparked a lot of stuff on the show that actually wasn’t even true and you’ll understand when you see the season.”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is expected to return to Bravo in November 2023.