Christine Brown Should Get Her Own Sister Wives Spin Off With Fiancé David Woolley, Here’s Why

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Not one super fan of Sister Wives can argue that Christine Brown isn’t the series’ fan favorite. The third wife of Kody Brown has been the focus of the show for many years. Her star power was only enhanced thanks to her divorce from the patriarch in November 2021. Leaving Kody heartbroken and metaphorically stabbed in the kidneys, the mother of six moved back to Utah to start over.

For years, Christine struggled within her polygamous marriage, having to share her husband with three other women, two of whom she loathed (we are looking at Meri Brown and Robyn Brown). Followers often felt empathy for Christine, who Kody ignored and talked badly about. In reality, she had no other choice but to leave him and set down her royal polygamy roots elsewhere, away from her controlling husband.

A Christine Brown Sister Wives spin off could be a big hit, and a fun way to showcase her new life.

Sister Wives Is Becoming Stale

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Sister Wives Season 18 is set to premiere in August. However, viewers are really questioning how much longer the TLC series can go on for. During the first couple of years, the show was interesting, as it highlighted a way of life most Americans weren’t familiar with. The network aimed to debunk myths of how modern-day polygamous families lived. Kody and his wives lived in fear that their husband would be arrested any day. Even though they lived in one big home, most of their friends and co-workers had no idea they lived a plural lifestyle.

As the seasons continued, the wholesome show would have moments of glory like Meri’s catfishing scandal, the Brown family fleeing Utah to Las Vegas, the older kids marrying, or Sobbin Robyn becoming the villain.

But for the most part, the episodes were boring, as fans watched Kody live in an alternate reality where he made the final judgment calls. Christine, however, often kept Kody grounded, bringing him back from cloud nine and sharing her true feelings. Fans always gravitated towards her honesty and yearned to see more. 

A Spin off Could Follow Christine’s Life Post Divorce

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Bless David Woolley for coming into Christine’s life when she was at her lowest. All Christine ever wanted was a fairytale romance with a man who respected her. True Sister Wives fans are thrilled for Christine, who has gushed about finding her prince charming.

Giving Christine her own spin off would ensure that supporters would be able to continue to watch her journey unfold. Not only has Christine moved back to Utah to be closer to her family, including her grandkids, but she also bought a home with David. The two are even planning on tying the knot in the distant future.

TLC would be stupid if they don’t have cameras rolling for the next chapter of Christine’s life. The mother of six has revealed she has committed to filming Sister Wives Season 18. However, more camera time couldn’t hurt, with TLC being guaranteed ratings since no one really wants to support Kody anymore. Fans want to watch Christine bloom away from the Brown family, free to make her own decisions. 

Christine Isn’t Holding Back on Kody

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Kody was never a trophy husband, and his favoritism often shined through for Robyn. The father of 18 has also been exceptionally cruel to his remaining three wives. In the family’s book, Becoming Sister Wives, Kody shared how Christine turned him off after he watched her eat nachos from a gas station. The Wyoming native also spoke about her weight gain, which left Christine feeling pretty low about herself. Shortly before the divorce, Kody revealed he no longer felt sexually attracted to his third wife, leaving her alone in their master bedroom.

Thankfully, David makes Christine feel like a queen, with the couple often mocking Kody. Recently, David took his number one lady out on a date, for you guessed it, nachos. The two posted a photo poking fun at Kody’s comments.

A spin-off would surely show more of the duo’s true opinions on Christine’s ex-husband. Sister Wives fans would also possibly see the three meet up to discuss Truely Brown, and it is safe to assume those chats would be extremely dramatic. Kody will never be a fan of losing any of his wives, with a spin-off showing more meltdowns and Christine thriving.