The Hardest Partying Below Deck Charters

Captain Glenn Shephard, Byron Hissey, Madison Stalker, Parker McCown, Paget Berry, Ciara Duggan, Georgia Grobler, Jenny MacGillivray, Adam Glick
(Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

What do you get when you mix copious amounts of alcohol, the sun, and huge personalities carrying vacation mindsets? The only correct answer is reality television gold. These core components combine to make up the Below Deck series, which has been entertaining viewers since it’s inception in 2013. Once charter guests step onboard the yacht, the crews within cater to their every whim, which typically leads to very happy, very drunk passengers.

Everyone’s relaxed while they are on vacation. Therefore, the majority of charter guests antics come across as fun, filler pieces. Meanwhile, the dramatic Below Deck storylines typically hail from the overworked crews toiling below the deck. Every so often, however, guests really let their guards down, and their wild vacations make them either loathed, or, a legend.

In honor of these 15-minute stars, here are the hardest partying Below Deck charters across the franchise. We’ll have what they’re having, please.

Night Swimmer Party of 1


She’s an icon, she’s a legend, she is the moment. She is Delores. In Below Deck Season 8, Delores’ group invited Captain Lee Rosbach to dinner. At the table, a clearly intoxicated Delores began to burp and stammer, causing Captain Lee to jokingly dismiss himself from the room.

Once Captain Lee left, Delores stood up and said “gotta get in the water.” As the stew nearby called for a deckhand to head to the swim platform, Captain Lee’s alarmed face popped back into view. After arriving on the platform, an angry Captain Lee demanded Delores not get into the water. Delores jumped in anyways.

In the ocean, Delores swam far away and asked, “can I have some bacon?” The crew stifled their laughs, but Captain Lee lost his cool, telling her that her charter was over. In the morning, Delores and her belongings were loaded onto a tender while the remaining guests stayed onboard. Delores then jumped off of the tender, landing her a spot as one of the hardest partying Below Deck charter guests.

Night Swimmers Party of 2


In Below Deck Down Under’s Season 2 premiere, charter guests Brandon and Kristyl weren’t quite ready for their night of partying to end. While the rest of their group went to their cabins, these two drunkenly wandered around the yacht. On their journey, they asked Laura Bileskalne for permission to take a night swim in the ocean. The second stew gave Brandon a “hard no,” as intoxication and dark waters, with zero deck crews up to supervise, spelled trouble.

To Laura’s face, Brandon acknowledged the hard no. However, he then finds Kristyl and states that they must “hide that we’re going swimming.” Looking down at the ocean, Kristyl notes that it’s “pitch black.” She then strips down and jumps in the water. Once they are both in the ocean, they hug, and an upset Laura quickly emerges to scold the defiant pair.

Captain Jason Chambers was awakened to deal with the fallout. Still drunk and on party mode, Kristyl popped off on his insistence that their swim was the wrong move. This episode ended with Captain Jason stating that the guests would be kicked off if their behaviors continued. In the morning, a sober Brandon apologized, and these hard partying guests continued on with their charter.

The Bruhs From Long Island

Richie Hosein/Instagram

This next group is filled with only hard partying guests. Taking place over two episodes, Richie and his boys from Long Island were more than just a handful for the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 1 crew. On their first night, girls from a nearby club joined in, and they all stayed up past 3am, running everyone ragged. Constantly needing drinks and food, the stews were serving and cooking, with a side of cleaning vomit and broken glass.

Their party only ended after one of the guests chose to smoke indoors. This set off the fire alarm, waking up Captain Glenn Shephard. After sending the girls home, Captain Glenn helped to clean up the mess, but the next day, the partying began anew. Waking up at 1pm, the guests went ashore to party at a beach club, where heavy drinking again transpired.

After dinner on the yacht, one of the guests used the art of sabrage to slice open a champagne bottle. The glass was then stepped on, cutting open one of the guests toes. These wild guests exited the next morning, champagne in tow, landing them a spot as one of the hardest partying groups to ever be seen on this series. Heaven help their livers.

When Partying Goes Too Far

Lee Rosbach/Instagram

During Below Deck Season 1, second stew Kat Held discovered a white powder that resembled cocaine while cleaning a guests bathroom. At this, Captain Lee immediately jumped into the frame. Back home, Captain Lee’s son struggled with addiction, which viewers would come to learn years later following his son’s death. When Kat’s findings proved to be drugs, Captain Lee deemed these hard partying Below Deck guests a liability and promptly ended their charter.

Zero refunds were given.