Below Deck Season 7
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Below Deck Complete Guide: Updates, Cast, Seasons, Spin Offs

Below Deck, which premiered in 2013, gave viewers a peek into the lives of “yachties.” Bravo gave fans a window into these extravagant charters on superyachts. Viewers watched the crew attempt to meet both the high expectations of the guests and their captain. Since the crew also lived onboard, there was plenty of drama (and partying) on their nights off. Are you ready to dive in and learn more? This Below Deck guide has you covered.

Below Deck Cast Members


While the exotic Caribbean locations may be jaw-dropping, the real draw here is the crew. Captain Lee Rosbach, also known as the “Stud of the Sea,” has been in the captain’s chair for nearly every episode. Due to a health issue, Captain Lee left the boat for part of Season 10. He was replaced by Below Deck Mediterranean star, Captain Sandy Yawn.

Chief stew Kate Chastain stayed aboard until 2020. Chef Ben Robinson served up delicacies until he exited after Season 4.

Deckhand Eddie Lucas earned his way up the ladder while on the series. During Season 2, he was promoted to bosun. He left after Season 3 but signed on again for Seasons 8 and 9. He was awarded the title of first officer after Season 8.

And during Season 8, Chef Rachel Hargrove infamously stormed off before a charter because of the guest’s food preference sheet. She returned but quit for good after Season 10.

Memorable Moments


There have been many unforgettable moments in the franchise, which you’ll find in this Below Deck guide. During Season 3, Captain Lee fired Chef Leon Walker. Then his bestie, third stew Raquel “Rocky” Dakota, jumped into the water during a charter.

Season 3 also gifted viewers with the clandestine hook-up between Rocky and Eddie. Fun fact: that is why cameras were added in the laundry room.

A horrible accident during Season 6 sent deckhand Ashton Pienaar overboard when a tow line snagged his ankle. Quick action from a cameraman saved him.

During Season 7, a drunken Ashton punched a van window after confronting Kate. She left the series after that stressful season. But her towel “rockets” will never be forgotten.

Below Deck Seasons


The show has been on for 10 seasons so far. Below Deck returning for Season 11 but will reportedly be without Captain Lee.

The crew usually has some returning members along with some newbies. This mix ramped up the potential for drama and romance on the high seas. Add some wild, alcohol-fueled guests, and you have a recipe for some entertaining reality TV.

Below Deck Episodes


The series has a total of 57 episodes so far. The first season only had 11 episodes, including an episode of lost footage. The episode numbers increased as the seasons rolled on. While most seasons boasted between 14 and 16 episodes, Season 7 had 20 episodes, including the reunion. Season 10 featured 17 episodes.

Below Deck Spin Offs


The success of Below Deck has led to an impressive number of spin offs. In 2016, Below Deck Mediterranean premiered. This series introduced viewers to a crew of “yachties” working on a yacht that cruised the Mediterranean Sea. The show was recently renewed for Season 8.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht debuted in 2020. This series gave fans a peek into the lives of crew members of the sailing yacht, Parsifal III. This yacht sailed the Ionian Sea. There have been four seasons of this spin off so far.

Below Deck Galley Talk featured former Below Deck crew members giving their two cents about various episodes. Getting the inside scoop and reactions of the former cast made for great TV. The show debuted in 2022 and has run for four seasons.

In 2022, Below Deck Down Under dropped on Peacock. This franchise followed the crew on a superyacht, christened Thalassa, in Australia. The series’ location near the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands was stunning. The second season switched to air on Bravo first, then streamed on Peacock.

The latest franchise entry caters to thrill-seekers, and those watching at home. Below Deck Adventure brought guests to the fjords of Norway. Charter guests aboard the Mercury participated in cave rappelling and paragliding. So far, Bravo has unveiled two seasons of this blood-pumping franchise.

Below Deck and its spin offs are still popular among viewers. The blend of interesting crew members and unpredictable guests, as well as exotic locales, is a winning combination. If you haven’t hopped aboard this franchise yet, don’t sleep on it. This is a series that truly has something for everyone, and with this Below Deck guide, you’ll be able to jump right in.