Kody and Robyn Brown’s Marriage Might Not Last Much Longer, Here’s Why

Kody Brown
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Sister Wives fans haven’t liked Kody and Robyn Brown, as it felt like were plotting to become monogamous. Kody has always favored his fourth and youngest wife, Robyn, which often caused some tension between his first three wives. Robyn, quickly dubbed Sobbin Robyn, has come off as the villain of the family. She is often seen puppeteering her polygamous husband with little to no remorse for how her actions affected others around her. 

 Since Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown have all packed their bags and moved on to greener pastures, it has just been the two remaining stars who are still in Flagstaff, Arizona. This is exactly what Robyn has always wished for. However, it could all be too much for her having to deal with Kody’s narcissistic personality on her own, 24/7. 

Has Robyn Ditched Coyote Pass?


For years, the Sister Wives cast has been trying to pay off their land, which Kody named Coyote Pass. The long-term goal was for each wife to build their own home on their own plot of land. However, before moving on to their parcels, the Brown family was required to pay off the government. After literal years, Janelle and Kody finally paid off the remaining amount, making them the sole owners. The news came as a surprise, since Janelle left Kody in January 2023, and Robyn didn’t seem to have her own name on the deed. 

For many fans, the news hinted that Robyn may have been edged out of ownership. However, another theory is that Robyn eagerly signed her parcels over to Kody in order for him to make a quick sale and get some of the family’s lost money back. Arizona is a community property state, and in order for Robyn’s ownership rights to be stripped, she would have had to sign them over.

Also, since Robyn is the only legal wife to Kody, she would be able to inherit the property. Kody always wanted to move onto Coyote Pass, but it can be assumed that Robyn grew tired of waiting after a while. Even though it is only a theory, the land could have brought about a great divide between the couple. 

Robyn Won’t Put Up With Attitude From Kody

Robyn Brown/Instagram

Robyn was once in an abusive relationship with her first husband, David Jessop. She shared in earlier seasons that her first husband often talked badly about her, calling her “reality bit*h” and saying she didn’t help out with the children. Since the divorce, neither has had a kind word to say about one another. After watching Sister Wives Season 17, Kody’s attitude started to change. Fans saw him yell at Robyn, which he never had done in the past. 

It is very clear that Robyn will not be putting up with another disrespectful husband. As TLC cameras caught the father of 18 yelling at his first three wives, Robyn often sat shell-shocked at his outbursts. Robyn could even have been turned off by Kody, finally noting he isn’t a strong savior like she once thought and is trying to deal with the ick vibe Kody gives off. 

Kody May Resent Robyn

Robyn Brown/Instagram

It is also fair to assume that Kody may just flat-out resent Robyn. While his early marriages were never perfect, they were not as hard as they became towards the end. Robyn always seemed to have a problem and caused tension between the relatives. Currently, Kody isn’t on speaking terms with most of his older children because of his fourth wife. Christine herself even hinted that Robyn played a part in their divorce. 

As much as followers like to believe that Kody is stupid, he just isn’t. The patriarch would have noticed by now that he married a problematic woman who has always wanted more. Between demanding all his time, a nanny, and personal items, Kody could be losing energy and realizing he made a big mistake marrying Robyn.