The Blandest Real Housewives

Kristen Taekman, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, Aviva Drescher, Heather Thomson and Countess LuAnn De Lesseps
(Photo by Michael Stewart/WireImage)

It is hard to imagine that there were ever boring Real Housewives stars, since Bravo usually gives them the boot before they make any kind of impression. But, sometimes, some of the TV personalities just didn’t make the cut. Whether they were not good at confrontation or didn’t understand the formula for reality TV, these women below were nothing but a snooze fest when they walked into a scene, making them the blandest Real Housewives. 

Katie Rost

Katie Rost/Instagram

Real Housewives of Potomac’s Katie Rost had such potential, but the professional philanthropist didn’t make the most out of her time on the series. Even though Katie was well-received by Bravo viewers, she found it hard to make solid connections while on the show and struggled with the other strong personalities.

At the time of her appearance, the former model was all about the drama, which fans thought would work great for the new show, but instead, Katie spent most of her time on the show talking about her recent divorce and nagging her boyfriend at the time, Andrew, to drop down on bended knee. 

Katie’s whole deal was about never missing an opportunity to call out her partner, which led fans to write her off for her abrasive personality. It also didn’t help that Katie promoted her philanthropy, the Rost Foundation, every chance she got. Sadly, Katie’s life just wasn’t all that interesting enough to film. She did make a return during Season 7, but it was short-lived, just like her career as a Bravo housewife. 

Aviva Drescher

Aviva Drescher/Instagram

Aviva Drescher gave fans one of the best moments in Real Housewives of New York City history by throwing her wooden leg onto a table. But, if you dive deeper, the blonde had absolutely no storyline. Aviva joined the beloved franchise during Season 5 but only lasted two seasons. She was often called out about her lack of real health issues and dependency on her husband.

Aviva refused to attend many of the women’s events, and Carole Radziwill even shared that Aviva often tried making back-door deals with production to secure her a spot. Naturally, her pushy ways and faking of illness didn’t win over fans. Even though Aviva was dull, she brought the entertainment with her entourage, including her father and resident creep, George Teichner, who often sexualized her friends.

Lynne Curtin

Lynne Curtin/Instagram

Lynne Curtin looked like she would be the perfect fit for Real Housewives of Orange County thanks to her hippie ways, but boy were fans wrong. She was surrounded by drama in every aspect of her life, including her two daughters and husband.

While she certainly had her hands full, it often felt that Lynne was out with the fairies when the other cast members tried speaking with her. Again, it seemed like Lynne just never bonded with the OGs of the franchise, which most likely played a part in her firing. 

Kristen Taekman

Kristen Taekman/Instagram

It wasn’t hard to love Kristen Taekman as an addition to Real Housewives of New York City, especially after she took a wine glass to face courtesy of Ramona Singer. But the mother of two didn’t bring the drama that Bravo fans have become accustomed to.

Kristen was having marital issues, and to be honest, a lot of viewers were probably experiencing the same sort of issues. Who wants to watch their life on TV when they tuned in for some over-the-top drama? Instead of engaging with her co-stars, Kristen often brushed her issues under the rug. Boring! 

Cindy Barshop

Cindy Barshop/Instagram

It most definitely felt that Cindy Barshop was trying her best to be the new Bethenny Frankel on Season 4 of Real Housewives of New York City. In Bethenny’s absence, the network scrambled to find a suitable replacement and up popped Cindy. The mother of twins was all about promoting her Completely Bare hair removal business, but sadly she wasn’t crazy enough to hold that juicy golden apple. 

Viewers will recall Cindy often backed down from an altercation and kept relatively quiet while at the reunion. In reality, while it was probably smart to distance herself from the other woman, the lack of bickering just ended up boring viewers to tears.